Taking Guest Communication to the Next Level

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at Ensana Buxton Crescent to verify this case study.
Using Easyway's guest messaging and online check-in features has made our work more efficient in more ways than one.
Why it matters: Automating and digitizing the process of contacting our guests pre-arrival and having them check-in online has saved us so much time and enables our receptionist to better interact with and serve our guests.
  • By automatically contacting our guests and having all of the information centralized on Easyway's platform, we are able to have better transparency with our guests' requests and status', which makes it easier for us to provide the best service.

Top 3 Core Objectives: Before Easyway, we were manually calling every guest 7-3 days prior to arrival. This was both extremely time consuming and inefficient as a means of communicating with our guests.
  • Improve pre-arrival communication with: Finding a better way to contact our guests pre arrival.

  • Improve time-consuming operations: Reduce manual work and become more time-efficient

  • Improve in-house experience: Being able to have all of our guests' communication appear in one place makes it so much easier to provide service at a higher level.


Remote check-in and -out with secure payment

Innovators Mentioned

Jessica Timineri
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Jessica Timineri who verified this case study.

Reception assistant manager

Ensana Buxton Crescent

"Will people really want a text from a hotel??? The answer is yes, 90% of guests find it easier!"

Jessica Timineri

Reception assistant manager

👍 Reception assistant manager Jessica Timineri said that Using Easyway to message guests is so much better than email.:
  • "Will people really want a text from a hotel??? The answer is yes, 90% of guests find it easier!"

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Jessica Timineri evaluated Easyway's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that Easyway was the best fit solution:
  • Reception assistant manager Jessica Timineri said, about their decision: "Easyway has been such a massive help! Really looking forward to what's to come."

📈 The results: Easyway enables automatic pre- arrival communication with our guests via messaging. The reception team is now able to spend much more time with guests face to face. We also are ensuring that we are contacting all guests rather than being unable to get through on the phone and not finding time to call them again.
  • Easyway’s guest journey messages open a window of pre- arrival communication that guests love.

  • In addition to the messages, Easyway’s online check-in has been a great tool in reducing our team’s workload and incredibly speeds up the process.

  • Easyway’s platform allows for faster, better and more personal service to our guests throughout their stay.

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