Winning back margin & managing a complex estate.

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at Roomzzz to verify this case study.
As an aparthotel group, Roomzzz is not a typical hotelier. Their room types can vary considerably from location to location, with some of their more unique locations having up to 13 room type configurations. As such, there was a real challenge behind the scenes in managing how to sell effectively via their own direct website. A lack of integrations meant there were often highly manual processes and workarounds operating behind the scenes, which translated into a disjointed online experience for their customers.
Why it matters: As city centre locations, the combination of high OTA commissions coupled with extra discounts to participate in marketing programmes, promising (but rarely delivering) to increase their profile in search results, meant huge erosion of margin for Roomzzz.
  • SHR Group is the leading provider of innovative and intelligent technology solutions for the hospitality industry. With a focus on driving revenue and enhancing guest experiences, we offer a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to help hotels and resorts optimize their operations, understand their guests more and increase profitability.

Top 3 Core Objectives: To take back control of their future online business mix, Roomzzz partnered with to reimagine their website booking experience and maximise their direct business opportunities – particularly long-stay business – displacing the expensive OTA business that was filling their peak times.
  • Displace OTA Business: Grow direct business revenues through the website and booking engine personalised experience.

  • Offer a Loyalty Programme: Roomzzz launched Perkzzz, their loyalty programme. integrated with Roomzzz nominated CRM platform to create a highly customised booking journey that enabled them to effectively showcase Perkzzz member rates - both through the booking process itself and via key digital marketing channels, like metasearch.

  • Grow Direct Revenue: Through a better guest experience, grow the direct revenue in their aparthotels.

SHR Group

Unleash the full potential of your most lucrative channel: your direct booking engine

Innovators Mentioned

SHR Group
Victoria Curley
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Victoria Curley who verified this case study.

Group Revenue & Distribution Manager


"From one place we can easily set and distribute rates. It’s saved us untold time and hassle as well as helping us understand our customers better."

Victoria Curley

Group Revenue & Distribution Manager

👍 Group Revenue & Distribution Manager Victoria Curley said that has given us back control.:
  • "From one place we can easily set and distribute rates. It’s saved us untold time and hassle as well as helping us understand our customers better."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Victoria Curley evaluated SHR Group's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that SHR Group was the best fit solution:
  • Group Revenue & Distribution Manager Victoria Curley said, about their decision: "From one place we can easily set and distribute rates. It’s saved us untold time and hassle as well as helping us understand our customers better.” doubt, it’s made us more profitable, but it’s also helped us strategically develop our business through a time that was exceptionally challenging for the hospitality industry."

📈 The results: From a staggering 50-60% pre-pandemic, Roomzzz have completely turned their business around and now drive just 10% of their total online business through OTA’s.
  • Roomzzz now welcome around 1000 new members a month to the Perkzzz loyalty scheme.

  • It’s a more profitable business mix that is already reaping rewards - enabling them to reinvest in their portfolio and further fuel their expansion plans.

  • The lion’s share of their online business mix now comes direct from their own website.

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