Book4Time Unveils Enhanced Day & Resort Pass Functionality To Help Hoteliers Drive Staycation Business

Day & Resort Pass Functionality

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With an increasing number of luxury hotels & resorts offering Day & Resort Passes to drive staycation business, Book4Time, a leader in innovative spa and wellness solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of Day & Resort Passes on its award-winning platform. Hot on the heels of winning’s 2024 award for Best Spa Management Software, this latest update empowers clients to set precise metered-entry periods, guest type capacity limits as well as packages so that hotels and resorts can create and sell staycation offerings that include things such as pool/beach access, cabana and day bed reservations as well as spa & food and beverage enhancements. Notably, these cutting-edge features are built into Book4Time's existing suite, preserving its out-of-the-box functionalities, including spa scheduling, yield management & dynamic pricing, inventory management and a robust point-of-sale system, enabling properties to use a single all-in-one platform to manage all non-room inventory.

In addition to enabling hoteliers to drive staycation business, this new functionality will also enable Book4Time to bring its advanced spa & wellness capabilities to serve the nordic and thermal/hot springs spa market. According to the Global Wellness Institute, nordic and thermal spas are the fastest growing segment within the wellness industry, projected 

"With hotel revenue managers looking at creative ways to drive total revenue, we’re excited to enable this new functionality for day and resort passes. As an example, hoteliers can now use the Book4Time platform to market and sell amazing staycation packages complete with a cabana rental, spa services as well as bottle service. We’re also excited about being able to take our spa management capabilities into the Nordic and Thermal Spa market. Nordic Spas, where guests cycle between hot and cold pools, saunas and steam rooms, have become hugely popular here in Toronto and globally and there’s nothing today that is purpose-built for the market - there’s a big gap in the marketplace that we’re aiming to fill.” says Roger Sholanki, CEO at Book4Time.

Book4Time invites spa and wellness professionals to explore the enhanced capabilities of this latest release, setting a new standard for operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

About Book4Time

Book4Time is the leading spa, and ancillary revenue management software for the world’s top hotels and resorts, used by more Forbes 5-Star resorts than any other vendor. Book4Time manages the end-to-end guest experience for international hotels, resorts, casinos, golf, and private member clubs operating in over 100 countries worldwide and is the preferred solution for some of the world’s largest and most prestigious brands. We aim to give our clients the support they need to elevate the guest experience & maximize revenue.