Canary Adds Digital Tipping to Its End-to-End Guest Management Solution To Help Hoteliers Retain Employees Amid Historic Staffing Crisis

Canary provides the most complete mobile web guest management system, allowing hoteliers to use one platform for everything


-Canary Technologies, which is modernizing the hotel tech stack with the first fully mobile web end-to-end Guest Management System and its award-winning Digital Authorizations solution, announced today that it has expanded its capabilities with a new Digital Tipping product to help hoteliers retain employees during the current staffing crisis in the hospitality industry. Properties using Canary’s Digital Tipping can increase staff wages by $5 per hour, leading to significant decreases in employee churn.

“Canary’s new Digital Tipping solution helps hotels weather the current staffing crisis that has rocked our industry,” said Canary Co-Founder Harman Singh Narula. “We’ve received an overwhelming amount of requests from our customers and global brand partners for some kind of way to help incentivize employees to stay on-board without directly increasing overhead costs, and we delivered.“

“Due to Canary’s PCI-level 1 compliance and integrations with all major property management systems, we were able to use our existing infrastructure to build a secure solution and help solve an industry-wide problem,” said Canary Co-Founder SJ Sawhney.

The company’s latest innovation is designed for flexible deployment and can be integrated seamlessly with Canary’s Guest Management System or implemented as a standalone solution. Digital Tipping enables guests to provide tips to hotel employees (as individuals or whole departments) at any time during the guest journey from check-in to checkout. Hotel guests can also offer tips to staff by quickly scanning QR codes strategically distributed around a property.

Canary Digital Tipping seamlessly works with all currencies and enables hotel guests to quickly and easily offer tips to staff members without the need to carry cash or download an app to their mobile device. Tips are immediately available and can result in up to a 5X increase in the tips generated for team members, providing increased wages and a powerful retention mechanism.

Canary’s new Digital Tipping product joins a comprehensive family of technology solutions that make up the hospitality industry’s first fully mobile web end-to-end Guest Management System, including Contactless Check-In, Contactless Checkout, Dynamic Upsells and Guest Messages.


Canary Technologies is modernizing the hotel tech stack, with the first mobile web end-to-end Guest Management System and its award-winning Digital Authorizations solution, digitizing everything from post-booking through checkout. Trusted by thousands of hotels in more than 65 countries, including Four Seasons, Choice Hotels, Standard Hotels and Ace Hotel Group, Canary's solutions help hotels eliminate paper processes, boost revenue with upsells, raise staff efficiency, ensure PCI compliance, improve the guest experience, and reduce chargebacks and payment fraud.