Clock Launches Advanced MICE Management Solution

Unveiling Clock’s New Integrated MICE Functionality

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Clock, a leading global cloud hotel solution company, is excited to announce the launch of its advanced, fully integrated functionality for managing Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE). This new upgrade, born from our valued customers' specific needs and feedback, aims to make event planning smoother, more intuitive, and highly efficient.

"This update significantly speeds up event planning and customization, ensuring seamless operations. It's a testament to our commitment to innovation and efficiency, designed to enhance our customers' ability to host successful events effortlessly. Moreover, it lays a foundation for future enhancements that will expand the capacity of hotel MICE operators to generate more revenue and improve both guest and staff experiences," says Krasimir Trapchev, CEO of Clock.

Improving the Event Management Experience

In the dynamic world of event planning, flexibility, speed, and streamlined operations are vital. Clock's new MICE functionality introduces several exciting features designed to meet these demands: 

  • Enhanced Flexibility and Speed: The new interface offers a compact, single-glance view of event statuses, allowing for faster and easier event creation and modification without navigating multiple system layers.

  • Integrated Venue Control: Manage meeting rooms, hotel rooms, and restaurant seats from a unified view, focusing on the number of attendees (PAX) and the seating style, directly influencing capacity and availability.

  • Advanced Automation: Automate guest count adjustments and event rescheduling, ensuring smooth transitions and updates when event details evolve.

Seamless Event Management

The upgraded MICE functionality brings a host of new tools to streamline event management:

  • Improved Function Sheets and Customised Banqueting Event Proposals (BEO): Simplify event organisation, preparation, and handling by ensuring the system accounts for every detail.

  • Enhanced Communication Capabilities: Enable clear and timely email interactions with guests, supporting superior guest communication.

  • Integrated ToDos Functionality: Attach tasks to events, folios, meeting room bookings, or activities, assignable to any team member or department for improved responsiveness and coordination.

  • Agreement Signature App: Simplify the signing process with electronic signature requests and secure credit card payments.

  • Credit Card On Record: Streamline billing and collection of deposits and final payments with one-click payments.

  • Multiple Event Folios and Deposits: Manage charges, deposits, and payments efficiently, accommodating different payers as per arrangements with the organiser.


Enhanced Activity Calendar

The cornerstone of the new MICE functionality is the revamped Activity Calendar, integrating the availability of meeting rooms, restaurants, and hotel accommodations into a single, seamless interface. This tool helps event planners make informed decisions quickly.

  • Interactive Controls: Easily create, move, and edit events within the calendar.

  • Multiple Views: Choose from various views to match your planning needs.

  • Advanced Suggestions: Suggest venues or restaurants based on guest capacities (PAX) and seating styles.


Event Templates and Seating Styles

Event Templates allow packaging and pricing of various reservations and catering into cohesive bundles, streamlining the booking process. The system adjusts search results based on room capacities for the selected configuration, ensuring suitable meeting rooms are always available.


Future MICE Improvements

Clock is committed to continuous improvement and plans to introduce new features to reduce administrative burdens and improve conversion rates. Our experts are gathering feedback on the areas that need improvement first.

Upcoming improvement areas:

  • Web Booking Engine for Meeting Rooms: A user-friendly online guest front-end for event organisers.

  • Automated Routing Rules: Set rules for automatically allocating event-related charges to predefined folios.

  • New Sales-Related Statuses: Introduce sales-related statuses to help sales teams better manage their pipeline.



Clock's new integrated MICE functionality empowers event professionals with comprehensive, intuitive, and adaptive tools to meet the complex needs of event planning. From the enhanced Activity Calendar to the innovative Event Templates and the automation of crucial changes, every aspect is designed to enhance operational efficiency and elevate the guest experience. Explore these new features and transform your event management strategy, ensuring every event is perfectly orchestrated to exceed expectations.

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