How To Maximize Business and Revenue From Hotel Events With HKeeper

Grow, differentiate and seamlessly manage all hotel's events with HKeeper

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The daily hospitality activities are built not only on hotel cleanliness and maintenance repairing tasks but also on the events happening in the hotel, and that is the perfect opportunity to boost revenue.

Butch Spyridon, president, and CEO of Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp., once said, “At the end of the day, large groups can go to a lot of different hotels for their meetings. But the business will go to the ones that provide something different and can deliver an experience that fulfills their wish list and then some. Give them an experience they will remember.” HKeeper links technology and services to elevate your event experiences year after year, making it memorable. 

Read on, and discover three key points of HKeeper to make your life easier when you’re planning an event in a hotel.

Event Planning Guide

Whether the events are large or small, they all have to be planned. HKeeper allows you to manage event-related tasks by delegating them to staff, fellow users and see in the real-time status of those tasks "Not started", "In progress", "On paused" or "Completed". All tasks can be scheduled, prioritized, reassigned, and timely tracked from one Dashboard on your computer. 

Forget about working with several To-Do without control over the situation: constant calls and text messages is a nightmare for any hotel manager or event organizer.

With HKeeper, you can create different event's projects at the same time and have control over each given task. Moreover, if there is an emergency (what is a classic story for any important event), you can make a change, re-address or add notes for each task in real-time, and a person who’s responsible for the job will get a notification about it immediately.

Logbook and chat will keep all team connected and updated on-the-go as well!  

Task List Template 

If you anticipate having multiple events (e.g. weddings, business conferences, etc.) with similar task lists, HKeeper Presets can create a template to use repeatedly.  Our Presets allow to plan a budget, count needed supplies, etc. in advance. 

Also, with HKeeper automated counting system you will know exactly what was used during tasks’ performances and how many. The system will send you an alert if you have a low balance for any items in your warehouse.  

Event Reporting and Insights

Our HKeeper event reporting suite gives you clear visibility across data points before, during, and after the event. The reports and insights help to understand better the effectiveness of each employee: how many tasks were done by each team member, how long each of the tasks was taken, etc. By tracking such details, you can expose fallacies and improve your event planning in the future. 

And last but not least, HKeeper's reports more meaningful due to the feature enabling to gather automatically event data based on created tasks in Excel or PDF formats metrics across dates, locations, etc. to monitor performance.


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