Hotel App Problem Solved as Crave Interactive Launch AppLess™ Mobile for Instant Access to Guest Services

Crave AppLess™ provides hotel guests with instant, easy access to guest services on their own mobile phones without the need to download a mobile app.


London – September 9th 2019. Crave Interactive, the world-leading developer of cloud-based digital guest experience platforms for hotels, today announced the launch of Crave AppLess™ Mobile. The ground-breaking solution allows hotel guests frictionless access to digital guest services on their own devices, without the need to download a mobile App. 

Hotel Apps statistically have very low levels of engagement with guests, due to the reluctance of the guest to download an App before accessing services. Recent advances in technology means that all major mobile phone brands now have a QR code reader built into the camera. Crave’s AppLess™ Mobile uses location intelligent QR codes which enable guests to access a variety of services by simply pointing their camera at any code. 

The instant and easy access that these codes now provide is leading to an explosion of mobile services that don’t require an App download. Crave is the first major hotel tech company to deploy a guest service solution in this manner. 

Crave’s AppLess™ Mobile is specifically designed for guests to gain instant access to the services and information they want, from multiple touch points throughout a resort or property.

The flexibility of the Crave system means hotel guests can access their in-room services and room controls, as well as specific services from any resort location. Crave also have integrated easy payment technologies - including Apple Pay and Google Pay - so guests can order and pay for food and drink to be delivered to their location, whether at a bar, a cabana, a meeting room or a casino floor. 

Crave AppLess™ is also integrated with the company’s innovative new Video Services Platform, so guests can choose to contact real staff via instant video call and text chat. 

“Crave AppLess™ Mobile is the solution the hotel industry has been waiting for. The guests’ own phone is utilized, so services can be deployed easily and at low cost across multiple properties. The end is nigh for grubby paper directories and marketing leaflets within hotel rooms,” explained Gareth Hughes, Crave founder and CEO. “With Crave AppLess™ combined with our video services, the future of great guest experience has arrived.” 

Crave AppLess™ Mobile can complement Crave’s successful in-room tablet solution, with a single system delivering content to tablets and guests’ mobile devices. The solution utilizes the latest mobile HTML technology to provide the ultimate in performance and flexibility, powered by the proven and scalable Crave Cloud Digital Guest Service Platform. 

“Whilst Crave tablets provide an unparalleled in-room guest experience, Crave AppLess™ can be used by the guest from any location, and is much cheaper and easier to deploy,” commented Hughes. “We see a future where all hotel guests will enjoy compelling digital guest services from the comfort of their own devices. No longer will the downloading of an App be a barrier to great guest service.” 

Crave will be showcasing its new technology at the Future Guest Experience 2019 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

About Crave Interactive Ltd

Crave Interactive is a leading developer of Digital Guest Experience solutions for hotels. Crave’s cloud-based platform allows hotels to delight their guests via every digital channel; in-room tablets, guest-owned devices, kiosks, and existing hotel brand Apps.

Crave’s platform supports a full range of guest services in multiple languages, including digital directory, F&B ordering, concierge and local area guides, spa services, smart room controls, communications, games, and entertainment.

Crave is widely recognised as the world’s leading in-room tablet vendor, with client hotels worldwide from 40 to 4,000 rooms. Over 100 million hotel guests interactions with Crave solutions occur each year, providing Crave and its hotel clients with insight into the individual and collective requirements of guests.

Crave is headquartered in the UK with offices across the world and is part of the True Corporation plc (Thailand) group of companies.