Why Does the General Manager, Management Company & Hotel Owner Need HKeeper?

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In today's article, we want to talk about the opportunities that HKeeper gives to a General Manager, a management company and an owner of a hotel.

How can a GM, a management company or a hotel owner evaluate the effectiveness of organizing work processes today?

How do they know how well department managers distribute tasks between employees and determine their priority? Do they use 100% of their potential and the potential of their employees? How much does the quality of performed work correspond to the cost of its payment?

As yet, the only way to evaluate staff performance was a written report drawn up by supervisors or managers based on the work done results. In a best-case scenario, this report was compiled in Excel format. Ultimately, the report is prepared by the same supervisors and managers, who appoint and verify the tasks by themselves.

As long as all work processes are organized in a manual mode and in written format, it's almost impossible to find out which way was taken to complete tasks, how long it took, why the tasks were set in that order, how many employees were involved and why!

Unfortunately, being able to see only the final result without seeing the working process development by itself in real-time, the GM has to collect information by fragments and compose it in a big picture of what is happening on the basis of static and often already outdated data. It greatly complicates the formation of the most effective development strategy for the entire hotel and building concerted effort of all departments. It also makes it impossible to consider and make big operational decisions.

This is the place where HKeeper comes to the aid!

HKeeper is a unique tool, visualizing everything that happens in the hotel and displays all the information to a single control panel, where at a glance you can see and evaluate the accuracy of the workflow or its deviation from established quantitative and qualitative standards!

How can you achieve it? The answer lies in fundamental changes in the process of transferring information from a manager to an executor and vice verse. It is important to transfer all assignments, changes, and monitoring for tasks from a paper format to digital. The creation of a single channel of communication between management, supervisors and line staff via mobile applications through any type of smartphone also contributes to it. 

From the moment you switch to digital format, you get access to all types of reports generated in real-time by the performers themselves. With HKeeper you always have an opportunity to examine in detail, like under a microscope: who distributes the tasks and how to consider all the logistics (that until now were only in task manager’s head) and understand if the chosen algorithm was right.

At the same time, it’s important to understand that HKeeper monitors and measures not only negative sides of executed work but also shows positive sides. You must admit that it is bad when no one can see and put in perspective your working skills objectively. Therefore, HKeeper will be the best tool to show the effectiveness of hotel management. Thanks to the HKeeper, you can always specify exactly how many tasks were assigned, how much time was saved, how much-qualified work has been performed by each employee and what over-expenditure of funds you have excluded.

Besides the fact that you will receive more positive comments from satisfied customers on social networks about the work of your hotel, occupancy and income will be close to the maximum. With HKeeper you can be sure that you use 100% potential of your team.


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