Hotel Wastewater Treatment System: Principal Considerations

By Lillian Connors

Last updated July 17, 2018

2 min read

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The hotel industry is booming across the globe, as hotel accommodation ranging in various types, shapes and sizes to fit every traveller’s preference and need is becoming readily available in dense urban areas as well as secluded countryside destinations. No matter the location, no matter the travel style, the 21st-century traveller can find the hotel that fits their needs, and hotel managers have to work hard to build an offer the competition won’t be able to match.

In achieving this, building a functional and effective wastewater treatment system will be essential – not only for guest satisfaction but also for the preservation of the ecosystem as well as and in order to stay compliant with the governing laws and regulations. With that in mind, here are the principal considerations you need to take into account when choosing a wastewater treatment system.

Fixing or upgrading the existing system

Preserving the health and cleanliness of natural water sources is imperative – for the ecosystem, and your business down the line. So, if your septic tank has started giving you trouble, it’s time to get it sorted out. Your first course of action is to ensure the safety of the natural water sources surrounding your hotel property. If your septic system has been properly installed and maintained up until now, then you shouldn’t worry about contaminating the water.

If not, then you’re risking polluting the environment and endangering public health and safety. With the governing bodies on your tail, you will want to fix the septic tank as soon as possible in order to avoid any legal ramifications and fees. Repairs can be costly, which is why investing in a modern wastewater treatment system is a better long-term solution, as contemporary systems are far more efficient and eco-friendly.

Deciding on the right treatment system

Finding the best wastewater treatment system for your hotel’s needs can be tricky, and the decision will depend on a myriad of factors. You will need to take into account the size of the hotel and the number of wastewater-generating units, daily wastewater volumes, and peak and off-season volumes as well.

You want to install an efficient system that will save precious resources and help preserve the environment. For instance, this commercial UV water treatment systems boast a unique flow management method and do a great job at purifying wastewater, managing effluent discharge and reusable streams. Make sure the system does not use chemical technology and only uses natural water-purification methods such as ultra-violet light.

What to keep in mind when installing a new treatment system

There are numerous considerations to note when looking for and installing a new wastewater treatment system, of which the capacity and the location of the system itself will be essential. Moreover, the quality of the effluent has to meet the safety standards issued by the regulatory bodies in your area.

The wastewater produced by your hotel must meet the environmental standards of its location in order to ensure that your business is not harming the environment. Should the effluent fall below standard levels, there could be business-crippling ramifications. Given the fact that environmental protection is of the utmost importance for the survival of the hotel, you will need to follow strict environmental protection regulations.

Depending on your location, you might even have to obtain a permit to discharge hotel wastewater. The good thing is that abiding by the environmental protection rules will help your business thrive in the long run, as you will be able to attract new guests with pristine natural surroundings. So, make sure you check the codes of practice for hotel wastewater treatment systems in your area before deciding on the best solution.

Prevent grease from reaching the system

A hotel produces large amounts of wastewater on a daily basis, especially in peak season, which is exactly when the treatment system can get overwhelmed by grease and oils, creating clogs in the pipeline, producing unpleasant smells and impeding the treatment process. All of these problems could lead to a polluted environment in the near future.

While you cannot prevent the bathrooms, the kitchen or the restaurant in your hotel from producing grease and oils on a daily basis, you can install a grease trap that will intercept various solids and oils before reaching the treatment system. Remember, a poorly installed grease trap can damage your entire treatment structure, so make sure it’s set up right to avoid costly problems down the road.

The way you deal with wastewater on a daily basis can define the future of your hotel, so naturally, it’s imperative that your treatment system operates smoothly. With these principal considerations in mind, you will have no problem deciding on the best system for your needs that will help you build a thriving business.