Hotelchamp Launches New AI-Powered Tools To Help Hoteliers Boost Marketing Campaigns

Hotelchamp launches new AI-powered tools set to revolutionise the speed and quality with which hoteliers create hotel marketing campaigns.

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Hotelchamp announces the release of new AI-powered tools that help hoteliers create better conversion-optimised content, even faster. Hotelchamp is well-known for Convert, one of the industry’s favourite Direct Booking Tools, and eCommerce, an easy-to-use website-building tool that gives hoteliers control over their online presence. The launch of these three new AI features helps build on the mission of Hotelchamp—to empower hoteliers to be closer to their guests.

"At Hotelchamp we have always believed in leveraging the power of data and psychology to create highly personalised experiences, tailored to the unique needs of each individual guest. With AI, every hotelier can create a connection with their guest and provide a great website experience, even without expert-level copywriting skills or extensive resources—and we think this is truly revolutionising,” says Kristian Valk, CEO and Founder at Hotelchamp.

Hotelchamp helps hoteliers increase conversion on their direct channel, through technology that utilises behavioural psychology and personalisation, all while making the digital guest experience unforgettable. Hotelchamp’s new AI features are set to help hoteliers supercharge their direct channel.

As an addition to the well-known Convert, Hotelchamp has added two new AI-powered features: the AI Persuasion Writer and AI-Powered Translations. The AI Persuasion Writer uses compelling conversion copywriting techniques and behavioural psychology principles to grab guests' attention as they decide where to stay. It not only provides a long and short form version to choose from, but also applies formatting styles to the message when chosen too—making it faster and easier to get high-quality messaging live on your hotel website. AI-Powered Translations quickly translate copy in just a couple of clicks into the selected languages, allowing for an even better website experience—saving hoteliers time and money and adding essential personalisation to a hotel's website.

Added to Hotelchamp’s eCommerce product, the AI Assistant helps make a website that converts within reach for all hoteliers. Hoteliers can now make quick changes like fixing spelling and grammar, making text short and snappy or enriching and elaborating on their copy. The AI Assistant can even improve text so that guests can experience the hotel's story on its own website without having to be a copywriting expert.

 “We are thrilled to introduce these game-changing features that with the help of AI, puts the power of personalisation into the hands of every hotelier,” says Kristian Valk, CEO and Founder at Hotelchamp. 

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