INTELITY and JTB Corp Join Forces to Elevate Guest Experiences in the Hawaiian Islands and Asia Pacific

New partnership between travel innovators to deliver tailored experiences and contactless service for hotel guests


INTELITY®, the provider of the travel industry’s most comprehensive guest engagement and staff management platform, announced today a new partnership with JTB Corp, Japan’s leading hospitality and travel service, to create VIP travel experiences for guests globally. The initiative will deliver robust digital capabilities and custom content in Japanese to guests through the INTELITY platform, giving JTB’s travelers personalized experiences crafted for their specific needs.

“Right now, Japanese guest experiences in the U.S. remain largely in English, along with other challenges,” remarked JTB Corp CEO Hiroyuki Takahashi. “Yet we know that having the services and information guests need in their native language contributes significantly to them feeling more comfortable and empowered. By partnering with INTELITY, we’re providing both the comfort of Japanese-specific content and services, and the convenience of in-room technologies.”

The partnership will launch its first implementation this summer on the Sheraton Waikiki’s 23rd floor, which is reserved exclusively for JTB Corp’s use. The property will undergo digital transformation as INTELITY’s platform is deployed, starting with in-room tablets and a mobile app, featuring customized content and services in Japanese. Guests will gain access to hotel information, restaurant and spa booking, and the ability to request contactless services, as well as in-room dining.

“This is a really nice milestone for us, and a perfect use case for the INTELITY platform—with nearly 30% of Hawaiian tourists coming from Japan, it’s time for guest experiences and messaging to be tailored to their needs,” noted INTELITY CEO Robert Stevenson. “In that respect, there’s no better partner for us than JTB Corp, an agency with over 100 years of experience providing the highest-quality travel experiences for Asian guests.”

The companies will continue to add the INTELITY platform in other Hawaiian partner hotels and expand into properties across Japan and Asia-Pacific through 2020 and onward. “Hotels and inns in Japan are currently lagging behind the rest of the world when it comes to digital transformation,” said Mitsuhiko Ito, Head of R&D in Silicon Valley for JTB Americas Ltd. “For us, there’s a real opportunity to create new value for customers by bringing guest experiences into the digital age. That’s why we’ve made it a priority to partner with innovative technology companies outside of Japan, and why it’s exciting for us to expand this new partnership with INTELITY in the future.”



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