IRIS Launches Guide to Help Hoteliers Supercharge their F&B Revenue - With Fewer Demands on their Staff

The guide demonstrates how hoteliers can serve MORE guests without over-stretching their staff

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What are the building blocks to boosting your F&B revenue, without overstretching your existing team, and how can technology bridge the gap with staff shortages?

IRIS has put together this free guide to highlight how a digital F&B ordering platform can help hoteliers optimise their resources and serve more guests - in ten easy steps. With rising costs, big targets and staff challenges, it’s a challenging time for any hotelier.

Hoteliers need to develop additional revenue streams and drive TrevPAR (Total revenue per available room) so it’s key that the potential of every property is maximised.

Bridge the gap with technology

With a smart F&B digital menu and guest experience platform, not only can you deliver a 20% average uplift in revenue, you’ll also save on staff resources. This is essential in today’s staffing climate, especially when hotels are struggling to cope with demand and turning down bookings due to the lack of staff.

Technology can also help lighten the load for staff ahead of the busy festive period, and maintain consistency with operations, especially with part-time or temporary staff.

Meeting guest demands

The trend towards mobile ordering shows no sign of abating and today's travellers have become more digitally and tech-savvy than ever. With many guests now expecting a self-service, do-it-yourself experience and a preference for contactless processes, guest demand will undoubtedly drive operator adoption.

Hoteliers need to have the digital platforms and processes in place to serve these guests and maximise the revenue gains.

What’s in this guide?

  • How to overcome staff shortages by automating the mundane, streamlining operations and boosting productivity
  • How to turn your F&B outlet from a cost centre to a revenue generator – serve more guests, improve turnaround times and start enjoying an uplift in ancillary F&B revenue
  • How hoteliers can meet the demand from guests for a digital, self-service experience - reach 100% of your guests in a way that suits them

About IRIS Systems

IRIS is a global market leader in digital F&B ordering, guest directory and concierge solutions for hotels, working with many of the world's leading chains including Marriott, Hilton, Mandarin Oriental, IHG and Four Seasons.

IRIS empowers Hotels and F&B leaders to do what they do best: increase revenue, look after their teams, and provide an outstanding customer experience.

Their flexible hospitality platform enables hotels and restaurants to provide a truly digital ordering experience to their guests, making it easier and faster for guests to browse, order and pay for items and services across multiple outlets.

Since 2010, thousands of hotels on every continent across the world have used IRIS's mobile, tablet and web app technology to boost additional revenues by 20% on average.

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