New Certification Course Helps Hoteliers Gain Revenue and Marketing Expertise

A recently launched online certification course is helping equip hoteliers with essential marketing and revenue management skills

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As the hospitality industry undergoes a transformative shift in the way hotels engage and retain guests, the focus on optimizing revenue streams and achieving maximum profitability, especially through direct booking channels, has become paramount. However, maximizing direct bookings can be challenging, especially when this requires knowledge of how to correctly optimize the hotel’s own website to boost profits. 

To address these challenges, Userguest, known in the industry as the hotel website revenue booster, has recently launched a course entitled RevMarketing Certification.

Tailored specifically for hoteliers eager to elevate their revenue management and marketing proficiency, the RevMarketing Certification course offers industry professionals a comprehensive toolkit to excel in this dynamic and data-driven sector. This short online certification is free for all hoteliers and combines digital marketing techniques with revenue management principles, to drive enhanced performance. 

Hicham Benyebdri, co-founder at Userguest and an expert in the field, emphasizes the course's significance, stating, "Traditionally, revenue and marketing have operated in silos within the industry. However, as hotels regain control over direct distribution channels, it becomes increasingly vital for hoteliers to master data interpretation, integrate techniques, and deploy diverse strategies when it comes to driving profitability via the direct channel. This course is all about looking at the hotel website as a transactional asset and learning how to apply various techniques to drive profit."

Userguest is no stranger to industry innovation. Last year they introduced RevMarketing Automation, a pioneering technology that seamlessly integrates with a hotel's existing website and tech stack to automatically boost direct bookings and revenue using smart notifications. As a result, they’ve generated +70,000 bookings and over $40 million in revenue for hotels in more than 40 countries!

Savina Karaivanova, a digital marketing expert in the hotel industry highlights, “The RevMarketing Certification course is a great practical way for professionals within the hotel industry to gain further knowledge on how to understand and interpret key datasets from a marketing perspective, and then how to apply them in conjunction with various revenue challenges. Combining techniques to create packages, highlighting promotions, or drawing attention to specific dates or room categories on the hotel website can make all the difference to your bottom line.”

If you are a hotelier or industry consultant looking to improve your knowledge on this subject, find out more about the RevMarketing Certification course and how to enroll for free here.

About Userguest

Userguest is a cutting-edge hotel tech tool that integrates with your hotel's existing website and tech stack. Once installed, the tool automatically gets to work. By analysing data, the tool determines what actions are necessary to influence the visitor's behaviour and guides them towards completing a booking. The tool enhances the overall booking experience by displaying personalised messages and boosts direct bookings by using incentives at key points of the user journey. Through a pioneering approach known as RMA, Userguest is the only direct bookings tool that automatically helps hotels generate incremental revenue and optimise inventory simultaneously. It is compatible with all booking engines and offers full support from a dedicated team that handles everything from integration to ongoing support and recommendations. A 30-day free trial with unrestricted access to the user-friendly dashboard and more than 30 features is available.