Increase Upsell Conversions with Oaky’s New Image Gallery Feature

Multiply opportunities for upselling and let’s-book-it moments: boost your visuals game with the image gallery


Like many in the hotel tech industry, Oaky is constantly evolving their UX to increase conversion rates –after the complete design overhaul of their guest platform, they are finetuning details to make the most out of each guest’s experience.

As you know, images have the ability to prompt strong emotions, which are powerful agents for action. With this in mind, Oaky has made a key adjustment to their guest platform that will increase the likelihood of your guests booking a deal.

The image gallery feature was built with hotel guests in mind, to facilitate their decision-making process and sway them in the direction of your up-sell.

On top of the pre-existing personalisation of deals shown to each guest, each Oaky deal will now feature several photos of the upgrade or service offered. Oaky reports that the aim of this feature is to elicit visually-driven wow moments that escalate a guest's excitement with every swipe of the finger.


An image gallery for each deal

Having several photos of each deal on your guest-facing app allows guests to scroll through curated images showcasing different aspects of your offering, emphasising particular selling points.

“The guest experience team started developing the image gallery feature after receiving input from current and potential customers, who felt the need for more freedom in showcasing their deals to their guests. We’re confident that with more photos per deal, guests will be able to make easier and safer decisions.” Pálma Tóth, Product Owner and CRO Specialist

In addition to emphasising key features of F&B, Activities, Hotel Services, Relaxation and Transportation deals and services, Oaky envisages the Image Gallery to be particularly effective in highlighting features of a room upgrade.


Showcasing your room upgrade 

Research shows that at least four room images plus one bathroom image is optimal in convincing guests to book or upgrade a room. An additional study concluded that pleasing room views and attractive vistas should be prioritised in your image gallery, followed by uncluttered, well-lit images of the room itself.

As you can imagine, good lighting and room presentation is essential. See this guide for some handy tips on setting up your shots. Download Oaky’s Image Gallery Checklist at the link below to make sure you have all bases covered when showing off your room upgrades.


Showcasing Your Deal

Oaky recommends keeping your image gallery for upsell deals concise and relevant. Choose only the best photos of each aspect of the deal, showing people using and enjoying the service if possible.

As previously mentioned, Oaky has put together a handy Image Gallery Checklist that will help you to cover all bases when adding photography to your deal offering, room upgrades or listings in general.

Click here to download it!

About Oaky

Oaky is a commission-free upselling platform which helps hotels maximize profit and enhance the guest experience. Browsing from best-selling upsell offers, hoteliers can add personalised guest-facing deals in a matter of minutes, and promote them through perfectly timed guest communication. This puts guests in control of designing their stay with upgrades, special deals and ancillary services. Oaky is a trusted partner by hotels across 60 countries.