Oaky's Front Desk Upsell Wins Guest Experience Solution of the Year at the 2024 TravelTech Breakthrough Awards

Transforming front desk agents into upselling superstars: Oaky's innovative automation wins prestigious award, boosting revenue and guest satisfaction

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Oaky, a hotel upselling software solution helping thousands of hotels maximise their revenue while creating memorable stays, is thrilled to announce that its innovative Front Desk Upsell solution has been awarded as the Guest Experience Solution of the Year at the renowned TravelTech Breakthrough Awards. Tech Breakthrough, a prominent independent market intelligence organisation, meticulously evaluates and acknowledges exemplary travel technology companies, products, and services worldwide, making this recognition a significant achievement for Oaky.

Guests seek more than just accommodation; they crave personalised interactions and memorable moments that resonate with their unique tastes and preferences. Delivering exceptional guest experiences tailored to individual preferences is therefore paramount.

Oaky's Front Desk Upsell, the winning solution, redefines the guest experience by offering a seamless and personalised approach to upselling at the front desk. Acting as a robust recommendation engine, this tool empowers front desk agents to sell the right deal to the right guest at the right price during check-in.

"Our Front Desk Upsell solution has proven to be a game-changer for hotels that have started using it. Its intuitive UX and recommendation engine empower front desk agents to offer personalised upgrades and services that enhance the guest experience. Our customers share that Oaky helps transform agents into upselling superheroes, driving revenue and keeping employees engaged. We are very proud of that." - Erik Tengen, CEO of Oaky.

The success of Oaky's Front Desk Upsell lies in its ability to integrate seamlessly with existing hotel systems, allowing for streamlined operations. This empowers front desk agents with instant access to relevant information and tailored recommendations, enabling effective upselling.

Recognising the challenges posed by staff shortages and high turnover rates, Oaky's Front Desk Upsell empowers front desk agents to become upselling superstars. In turn, this solution not only drives revenue growth but also fosters alignment across teams toward upselling objectives, all while ensuring employee happiness and motivation. Through innovative gamification features, Oaky provides a platform for acknowledging and rewarding staff who excel in creating memorable experiences for guests. This dual focus not only enhances guest satisfaction but also contributes to higher staff retention rates, ultimately reshaping the landscape of the hospitality industry. 

Winning the Guest Experience Solution of the Year award is a testament to Oaky's dedication to innovation and excellence in the hospitality industry. Oaky is proud to lead the way in enhancing guest experiences and looks forward to continuing to equip hoteliers with advanced tools that redefine the guest experience.


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About Oaky

Oaky is upselling software that helps hotels boost their revenue by offering relevant upgrades & services to their guests throughout the whole guest journey. With automation, segmentation & dynamic pricing, it maximises the average spend per guest and removes manual work. Oaky has been recognised as the Best Upselling Software by Hotel Tech Report for 7 years in a row and is trusted by hotels, groups and chains across the globe, including the ONYX Hospitality & Radisson Hotel Group.