Park Royal Hotels & Resorts Partners With Duetto On Revenue Strategy

Park Royal to roll out Duetto’s revenue optimization platform across its properties in Mexico, the US, Puerto Rico, and Argentina.

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Mexico’s Park Royal Hotels & Resorts announced today its partnership with Duetto, the hospitality industry’s leading software as a service provider of revenue strategy solutions.

The resort specialist will onboard 11 properties onto the Duetto platform, optimizing the rates for nearly 2,000 rooms throughout Mexico, the US, Puerto Rico, and Argentina.

With more than 30 years of operations, Park Royal Hotels & Resorts is regarded as a leader in vacation experiences across the Americas. The company operates four distinct brands:  

  • Grand Park Royal Luxury Resorts

  • Park Royal Beach Resorts

  • Park Royal City

  • Park Royal Homestay

The revenue leadership team at Park Royal will now optimize room rates using Duetto’s Open Pricing methodology, through its GameChanger revenue optimization application. This will enable them to price unlimited segments, channels, and room types in real-time and in line with market demand.

The team will also benefit from streamlined reporting, and easier forecasting and budgeting, through Duetto’s business intelligence tool, ScoreBoard.

“To improve when offering prices for each market segment, personalizing our discounts, and being more assertive when making a forecast are some of the values we are looking for with Duetto. We believe that there are many opportunities and together we can achieve them,” said Rafael Sandoval, Commercial Director, Park Royal Hotels & Resorts.

“The breadth of the Park Royal property portfolio, with its multiple brands, means that the team needs an intelligent revenue solution to maximize opportunities and drive efficiencies. We are delighted they chose Duetto,” said David Woolenberg, CEO, Duetto.

Duetto already partners with many hotel brands operating across Latin America, including Grupo Posadas, Grupo Hotelero Santa Fe, and RCD Hotels.

About Duetto

Duetto delivers a suite of cloud applications to simplify hospitality revenue decisions and allow hoteliers to work smarter, increasing organizational efficiency, revenue, and profitability. The SaaS platform allows hotels and casino resorts to leverage real-time dynamic data sources and actionable insights into pricing and demand across the enterprise. More than 4,000 hotel and casino resort properties in more than 60 countries have partnered to use Duetto's applications.