Profitroom Announces Strategic Partnership with MCI Capital to Revolutionize Direct Booking Technology in the Hospitality Industry

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Profitroom, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions for the hospitality industry, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with MCI Capital, a dynamic investment fund based in Central Europe renowned for its focus on digital transformation.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in Profitroom’s history and sets the stage for an era of accelerated growth and expanded global reach. The collaboration will focus on enhancing and revolutionizing direct booking technology for hotels, resorts, and hotel groups worldwide, promoting greater convenience and efficiency for all stakeholders.

MCI Capital is celebrated for its investments in internet companies, entities transitioning from traditional to digital business models, and firms involved in developing internet infrastructure. The fund’s commitment to digital innovation aligns perfectly with Profitroom’s mission to transform the direct booking process in the hospitality sector.

Profitroom's recent achievements include attracting attention from over 50 investment funds and companies, demonstrating widespread interest in its vision and technology. "Our consistent profitability has fueled continuous reinvestment into development, and with MCI Capital’s partnership, we are poised to pursue a path of accelerated growth and innovation," said Marcin Dragan, Founder and CEO of Profitroom.

Despite MCI Capital acquiring a 65% majority stake in the company, the current management team will continue leading Profitroom. Founders Marcin Dragan and Krzysztof Grzęda remain at the helm to ensure the strategic vision and operational continuity of the business. "MCI’s substantial investment, valued at 67 million EUR, significantly enhances our capacity for ongoing development and expansion," added Dragan.

Profitroom’s solutions have been recognized as the best in their category by the independent industry portal With MCI Capital’s investment, Profitroom is well-positioned to expand its influence and operations into new markets, including Western Europe, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia.

This partnership underscores both Profitroom’s and MCI Capital’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the hospitality technology sector. Together, they will continue to set new standards for direct booking technology on a global scale.

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