RoomPriceGenie and Resly PMS reach 50 shared customers in less than 9 months.

RoomPriceGenie and Resly zoom to 50 joint clients Leading Revenue Management System for independent hotels, RoomPriceGenie, and forward-thinking cloud-based PMS, Resly, celebrate 50 joint customers in just nine months.

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You probably wouldn't believe it if we claimed that there was dancing in the street from Mannheim in Germany to Sydney in Australia. And you would have been right; there would have been some exaggeration. But that doesn't underplay the happiness RoomPriceGenie and Resly feel at hitting the 50 joint-customer milestone in less than 9 months.

Why is that?

  1. It shows how the knowledge and adoption of revenue management is growing globally. Especially independent hotels are adopting revenue management software, enabling them to compete with the larger branded hotels.

  2. It shows how easy-to-use software and self-service integrations between software systems help hoteliers adopt technology faster. Both RoomPriceGenie and Resly are designed for hoteliers who want sophisticated systems that are easy to use. 

  3. It shows what can happen when two like-minded companies collaborate to do an excellent job for their customers. Both RoomPriceGenie and Resly are companies focusing on making independent hoteliers successful.

"We are very excited to see the success of our collaborative efforts. When we started the partnership with Resly, we found a partner very similar to us and on a mission to success. We could not have hoped for this fast adoption of revenue management within the Resly client base that was this fast," said Ari Andricopoulos, CEO and founder of RoomPriceGenie.

The shared customers include both single independent properties like Azure Sea Whitsunday in Australia and groups like the Bella Vista Motel group in New Zealand.

Here's to the following 50 joint clients and many more years of happy partnership.





About RoomPriceGenie

RoomPriceGenie is the leading pricing automation solution for independent hoteliers. Fast to implement, intuitive to use and simple to understand, it drives 22% higher revenue with a singular focus - helping hoteliers maximize their room pricing. Founded in 2017, RoomPriceGenie is financed by Wingman Ventures, Mutschler Ventures, and other elite European investors. The company has over 1800 customers around the globe and has won dozens of awards, including Phocuswright’s People’s Choice Award and Most Innovative Startup of the Year, in addition to Software Review's Gold Medal for Hotel Revenue Management System. The company is based in Steinhausen, Switzerland and Mannheim, Germany, and has teams all over the globe.