RoomRaccoon Announces Direct Integration with Akia to Transform Hotel Guest Communication

RoomRaccoon’s global users can benefit from a direct API integration with Akia, unlocking a new era of seamless and personalized guest communication and management.

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RoomRaccoon, a leading hotel management system for independent hotels, has partnered with Akia, an innovative guest engagement solution that provides guest messaging software for hotels. The partnership aims to remove any friction in the guest journey while giving hoteliers a single platform to manage all points of contact.

This is the first integration available to RoomRaccoon users that harnesses the power of text messaging to enhance the guest experience. Guests are no longer burdened with the need to download an app or set up logins, streamlining the entire experience and allowing them to easily engage with their accommodation provider.

"Empowering RoomRaccoon's global users with the new integration with Akia ushers in an era of unrivalled guest communication and management, setting a new standard for seamless and personalized hospitality,” says Ryan Kanoknukulchai, COO at Akia.

“This is a valuable new addition to the RoomRaccoon Marketplace,” says Steven Reffin, Head of Partnerships at RoomRaccoon. “The new integration ensures that guest communication is synchronized with RoomRaccoon’s reservation data in real time so that hotels can engage with guests in a personalized and timely way. What’s more, by centralizing guest communication and reservation management, hotel staff can reduce manual tasks and benefit from optimized operations, elevating the overall guest experience.”

RoomRaccoon's integration with Akia is now available to hoteliers worldwide.

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