RoomRaccoon Partners With Guestnet To Elevate Guest Experience And Drive Revenue Growth For Independent Hotels

The integration enables hoteliers to establish more meaningful contact with guests, enhancing guest satisfaction.

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RoomRaccoon, a leading hotel management system for independent hotels, has announced its new partnership with Guestnet, an innovative guest engagement solution. This two-way integration enables hoteliers to establish more meaningful contact throughout the guest journey, meeting the changing expectations of their tech-savvy guests.

The seamless integration allows data to be transferred from RoomRaccoon's HMS to Guestnet, facilitating personalized communication with guests throughout their stay. While RoomRaccoon manages pre and post-stay interactions, Guestnet enhances the in-stay experience, optimizing guest satisfaction and streamlining hotel operations.

Other benefits include:

Improved  guest communication: RoomRaccoon and Guestnet provide a unified platform for managing guest communication, resulting in efficient and effective communication throughout the guest journey. This reduces reception inquiries and eases staff workload.

Enhanced Guest Satisfaction: Guestnet empowers guests with content sovereignty, allowing them to curate their personalized system according to their preferences.

Boosted revenue: Leveraging Guestnet and RoomRaccoon, hoteliers can capitalize on revenue opportunities through targeted upselling and add-on promotions at various touchpoints during the guest's journey. By digitally upselling, hotels can maximize sales while saving valuable time for staff.

”We're excited to roll out our interface with RoomRaccoon, enabling a seamless guest journey and personalized user experience. This significantly relieves our hosts' reception workload, accelerates their processes, and as a result, increases their upselling opportunities.”, says Martin Tauber, Co-Founder & CEO at Guestnet

“We are excited to introduce Guestnet to our growing Integration Marketplace to help hoteliers meet the changing expectations of their increasingly tech-savvy guests. The integration delivers top-notch guest engagement services, fostering deeper connections through increased interaction, authentic personalization, and streamlined efficiency,” says Steven Reffin, Head of Partnerships at RoomRaccoon. 

The RoomRaccoon and Guestnet integration is available to hoteliers worldwide.

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