Sweden’s Historic JA Hotel Karlskrona to Pair Amadeus Property Management with the Amadeus Integrated Booking Suite

In partnership with Amadeus, JA Hotel Karlskrona is the first hotel in Scandinavia to implement a fully integrated booking experience for its guests

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With an extensive history dating back to the late 1700s, JA Hotel Karlskrona recently reopened in June 2021 after a major renovation and expansion. While enhancing the on-property experience as part of the upgrades, hotel management also considered all aspects of guest engagement. From shopping to booking to onsite, JA Hotel Kalskrona wanted to ensure the needs of every prospective guest could effectively be met. This included consideration for the technology to help drive demand to the property and enable guests to book easily.

In partnership with Amadeus, JA Hotel Karlskrona is the first hotel in Scandinavia to implement a fully integrated booking experience for its guests, including website management, booking engine, reservations system, property management, and guest management services. Leveraging key components of the Amadeus Hospitality Platform, including the Integrated Booking Suite and Amadeus Property Management Advanced, the property can rely on one vendor for an efficient and seamlessly connected technology suite to power its business.

“This partnership with Amadeus helps support our goals to increase guest bookings and profitability. With complete connectivity across our technology systems, we can ensure our hotel is visible across channels where our guests are booking. We can offer promotions where appropriate and capture guest business,” says Mikael Wennerstrom, General Manager, JA Hotel Karlskrona. “We believe this end-to-end technology solution enables us to deliver an ideal guest booking experience while helping maintain our leadership position in the market.”

“We’re pleased to support JA Hotel Karlskrona in meeting its technology needs. Today, hoteliers need every available tool to differentiate their properties. The fully connected booking process will enable the property’s guests to realize that their ideal travel experience starts with the first click of their booking,” says Jan Tissera, Head of International, Hospitality, Amadeus.



JA Hotel and its precursor Storkällaren have existed since the late 18th century.

JA Hotel is located at a place where hotel operations have been conducted for over a hundred years. In the 1920s it was called Hotell Storkällaren to later change its name to Hotell Savoy and now it is called JA Hotel. JA Hotel opened in 1988 where it is said that the swedish King Gustav III has danced and partyed. The hotel property is built together with the Wachtmeister Mall and it has two entrances. One is via the original magnificent stairwell from the popular pedestrian street, Borgmästaregatan, and one just inside the Mall. Thanks to the hotel being under the same roof as the Mall, all guests have easy access to Karlskrona’s largest shopping mall.

JA Hotel has 94 rooms, restaurant, bar and conference. In the spring of 2021, all bathrooms were renovated and during the spring of 2022 the hotel will expand with 14 new hotel rooms.

Every time you enter the JA Hotel, you are in a place that has attracted comfort and well-being – all the way since 1786!

JA Hotel is a subsidiary of Heimstaden Bostad AB and is managed by Fredensborg Hospitality.

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