Triptease Named 2018’s Top Rated Direct Booking Platform in the HotelTechAwards

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February 12, 2018 -  Hotel Tech Report has named Triptease 2018’s top rated Direct Booking Platform based on data from thousands of hoteliers in more than 40 countries around the world.  Over 100 of the world’s elite hotel technology products competed for a chance to win this prestigious title.

The HotelTechAwards platform (by leverages real customer data to determine best of breed products that help hoteliers grow their bottom lines.

“You don’t have to be a hotelier to understand the value of Triptease.  When we book hotels as consumers we start by researching on OTA’s to see variety.  Once we’ve narrowed our consideration set we look at hotel websites for better information.  Many travelers then return to book on the OTA costing hotels billions of dollars each year.  Triptease has an elegant suite of solutions that solve this problem. It’s no surprise that hoteliers everywhere are joining the Triptease party by the thousands,” says Hotel Tech Report’s Jordan Hollander.

Triptease is poised for sustained growth in 2018. Hoteliers recognized Triptease’s impeccable global customer support where Triptease exceeded the category average by more than 9%.

Few companies inspire as much fervor amongst customers as Triptease as evidenced by commentary from a Switzerland based General Manager, “Triptease is what the hotel industry has been waiting for! It is visionary and constantly looking to improve their product. All employees that I dealt with were dedicated and enthusiastic and gave great support."

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