The Ultimate Guide to Conquering the 2023 Hotel Budgeting Season

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This year’s budgeting season arrives at a particularly difficult inflection point: travel demand has bounced back to pre-pandemic levels while staffing shortages have challenged even the most finely-tuned operation. If there’s anything we’ve learned over the past three years, it’s that hoteliers are a resilient bunch. The ability to navigate uncertainty has become more than just second nature – it’s a primary skillset that must be honed at every turn. Within that mindset, budgets are a tool to bolster against uncertainty and prepare for profitability with sound planning. Here are a few tactics to level up your budgeting season to meet the challenges facing hoteliers today. With a bit of focus, and plenty of flexibility, the budgeting season can support your hotel as it navigates the choppy waters of post-pandemic hospitality.

What You'll learn

  • Re-think your budgeting strategies
  • Adopt creative marketing techniques
  • Identify and plug any tech gaps
  • Utilize team-based budgeting
  • Budget staffing expenses

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