COVID 19 & The Hospitality Industry Worldwide - Edition II

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At RateGain, we believe that it’s important to keep checking the market pulse and helping the hospitality industry take appropriate measures accordingly. With that intention, four weeks ago we published the first edition of our study COVID-19 & The Hospitality Industry Worldwide. We got a tremendous response from the industry and the hotels globally. Interestingly, we realized that the insights of the study were not only useful for hotels globally, but also for cruise lines, airlines, railways and the entire travel ecosystem. On the request of many of our clients across industries, we have decided to do a sequel. This edition of the study is an effort to share the recent developments across the hospitality industry globally and the coping strategies being used by industry peers. In this effort, we are not alone. In association with our valued partner IDeaS, we are glad to announce the second edition of the study COVID-19 & The Hospitality Industry Worldwide. This edition of the study aims to highlight the industry’s response and efforts, and the great reset of revenue management. Our aim is to help the revenue managers make informed decisions while they prepare for a #BetterTomorrow.

What You'll learn

  • Week-wise reservation & cancellation trends: The result of response efforts
  • Actionable steps to protect your hotel business by Tracy Dong, Senior Advisor, IDeaS Revenue Solution
  • The new normal of revenue management by Apurva Chamaria, Chief Revenue Officer, RateGain

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