Review of RoomPriceGenie

Easy to use, great time-saver
Owner from 75-99 room Bed & Breakfast & Inns in Cleveland (United States of America)
3 months ago
What do you like most?
RPG has saved us so much time in developing our pricing strategy for both our boutique hotel and vacation rental properties. The on-boarding system was completely seamless. All it took for us was one request to our PMS system to activate the necessary module, and then RPG and our PMS teams handled the connectivity, which only took a couple of days to go live. It was so much easier than other integration experiences we've had in the past, which required so much back and forth between all parties and took weeks for everything to be set up correctly. Once set up, the system is easy to learn, it is very intuitive. The RPG team is great. They scheduled multiple follow-up meetings to make sure we were comfortable using the system, and continue to be available whenever we come up with a new question for them. The system allows for a lot of customization. We like that we can set target occupancy by month, not just for the year, add blackout dates, and set our own minimum prices for each room category. It is a great balance of automation and manual customization. We let RPG do the work for us, but we can change it's parameters at any time.
What do you dislike or think could be improved?
We would love to have a reporting feature so we can review all the adjustments that we've made. RPG shows you the price you had listed yesterday and 7 days ago, but it would be nice to be able to customize those date ranges to get more specific data.
Ease of Use
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