Le Domaine des Prés Verts generates an additional €130,000 in turnover with Bowo

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at Le Domaine des Prés Verts to verify this case study.
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Le Domaine des Prés Verts was a pioneer in the glamping market in France. It has managed to rank among the top 1% of the best hotels in the world according to TripAdvisor, thanks to its unique concept in an exceptional setting.
Why it matters: Le Domaine des Prés Verts comprises 8 rooms and a bistro-grocery store, spread across 3 sites, amidst nature and small picturesque villages. A previous application was developed in 2013 to streamline orders and enhance staff efficiency, but it lacked customization and flexibility. In 2020, Jérémy had a crush on Bowo at a trade show.
  • "We understood that Bowo would allow us to create an application that perfectly reflects who we are, in white label format."

Top 3 Core Objectives: For high-level services, it was important that every element of the experience be perfectly controlled and optimized so that the stay unfolds without a hitch.
  • Streamlining the customer journey: There was a real desire to simplify the customer journey and optimize every point of contact and process to create a seamless and efficient experience for clients. By eliminating unnecessary complexities and improving user interactions.

  • Improve customer satisfaction: It was crucial to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations by addressing their needs, providing excellent service, and actively seeking their feedback.

  • Generate more revenue: The implementation of initiatives to boost sales and increase overall revenue needed a revision. It was necessary to optimize access to the services offered by the hotel.


Their stays are unique, make them memorable.

Innovators Mentioned

Le Domaine des Prés Verts
Jeremy Leleu
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Jeremy Leleu who verified this case study.

Director of Le Domaine des Prés Verts

Le Domaine des Prés Verts

"We've managed to build a guest journey that's very intuitive and quite extraordinary."

Jeremy Leleu

Director of Le Domaine des Prés Verts

👍 Director of Le Domaine des Prés Verts Jeremy Leleu said that Bowo's team was very helpful in the building of an intuitive guest journey:
  • "We've managed to build a guest journey that's very intuitive and quite extraordinary."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Jeremy Leleu evaluated Bowo's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that Bowo was the best fit solution:
  • Director of Le Domaine des Prés Verts Jeremy Leleu said, about their decision: "Bowo ticks all the boxes in terms of our requirements: a highly customisable, white-label application with a design that matches our graphic charter, which can be connected to their hotel's other software, but also a scalable application with regular new features, a team that listens to hotel requests... the perfect combo to meet our expectations!"

📈 The results: By providing access to hotel services on a single platform, Bowo has succeeded in streamlining the customer journey to enhance satisfaction and also generate additional revenue more easily.
  • €130,000 in turnover in 1 year with only 8 rooms, resulting in an additional turnover of €1,488 per month per occupied room.

  • 96% tablet usage rate by guests.

  • Increased satisfaction : customers use the tablet, find the guest app relevant, and are extremely satisfied. To see the video interview with Jérémy Leleu, follow this link :

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