How The Commonwealth Improved the Guest Experience & Increased Staff Efficiency With Canary

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at The Commonwealth to verify this case study.
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The Commonwealth Hotel in Richmond, Virginia, has used Canary's Contactless Check-In, Checkout and Upsells solutions to improve the guest experience, increase upsell revenue and increase housekeeping efficiency.
Why it matters: Originally, The Commonwealth Hotel decided to deploy Canary's Contactless Check-In and Checkout solutions to help the property deal with restrictions put in place due to COVID-19. However, they soon realized that, as the pandemic subsided, Contactless Check-In created a better on-site arrival experience by allowing guests to deal with administrative tasks beforehand.
  • Modern guests expect excellent digital first experiences when engaging with hotels and recent studies indicate that most consumers prefer contactless check-in as a standard solution they will find a hotel.

Top 3 Core Objectives: By deploying Canary's platform, Norton hoped to meet safety regulations, streamline and improve the guest experience, and increase revenue.
  • Improve Guest Experience: The Commonwealth wanted to remove the administrative work from the interpersonal interactions between guests and their staff.

  • Increase Staff Efficiency: By using Canary's Contactless Check-In and Checkout solutions, the hotel hoped to improve staff efficiency.

  • Increase Revenue: Norton and her team wanted to ensure that they were able to offer upsell options to guests, such as early check-in and pet fees.

Canary Technologies

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The Commonwealth
Canary Technologies
Christina Norton
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Christina Norton who verified this case study.

General Manager

The Commonwealth

"“Anytime a software works well and makes my life easier, I like it and Canary has done exactly that. I absolutely recommend the platform to all other hotel operators.”"

Christina Norton

General Manager

👍 General Manager Christina Norton said that Canary is one of the best softwares she has ever worked with:
  • "“Anytime a software works well and makes my life easier, I like it and Canary has done exactly that. I absolutely recommend the platform to all other hotel operators.”"

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Christina Norton also researched Duve, and ultimately decided Canary Technologies was the best fit for them.
  • General Manager Christina Norton said, about their decision: "“We looked at a lot of options for Contactless Check-In and Checkout solutions. But Canary was far and away the easiest one to use and the team was really responsive to all of our questions. We also really liked the Upsells features and PCI compliant fraud prevention tools that are included in the system.”"

📈 The results: The Commonwealth Hotel accomplished all of the goals it set out to by engaging Canary's platform.
  • Canary's Contactless Check-In solution removed the administrative tasks from the on-site arrival experience and created better interpersonal interactions at The Commonwealth front desk.

  • The Canary platform increased upsell revenue at The Commonwealth and helped their team set expectations for guests regrading early arrival fees, pet fees, etc.

  • The Canary platform helped to drastically increase the efficiency of housekeeping staff by notifying hotel staff immediately upon when a room is vacated and ready to be turned.

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