How the 4-Star Hotel, Les Bulles De Paris, Used Duve to Manage their Guest Experience From Start to Finish

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at Les Bulles De Paris to verify this case study.
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Les Bulles De Paris, a 4-star hotel in central Paris, rolled out Duve in an effort to acquire a solution that would help them manage their guest experience from end-to-end.
Why it matters: Generally reaching 100% occupancy, Les Bulles De Paris required a solution that would both help them manage the large amounts of people checking in-and out daily, as well as generate additional revenue streams since room revenue was usually reaching its maximum.
  • After implementing Duve, Les Bulles De Paris immediately began seeing an impact on the upsells purchased by guests as well as the efficiency of their front-office work. Additionally, they noticed that guests were enjoying the comfort of Duve by having access to all the information they needed on their personal devices.

Top 3 Core Objectives: Les Bulles De Paris searched for a solution that would seamlessly fit into their workflow and that would allow them to automate task management, track customer feedback, and upsell a variety of services.
  • Automatically upsell additional offerings: They wanted to create an automatic method for upselling additional services in order to generate extra revenue

  • Reduce workload on front-office: With 100% occupancy, they required a way in which guests could easily access information, helping the workload on the reception be reduced. Additionally, they wanted to be able to track all tasks being done by the cleaning team.

  • Collect guest feedback: Collecting guest feedback was essential for Les Bulles De Paris both in order to maintain high ratings on OTA sites, and to ensure that they were meeting requirements for annual property classification (to maintain their 4* classification)


Upsell - increase revenue with a personal touch

Innovators Mentioned

Les Bulles De Paris
Julie Noiraud
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Julie Noiraud who verified this case study.

Front Office Manager

Les Bulles De Paris

"The product is great, and the support we are receiving is amazing. Plus we are able to sell many early check-ins and late check-out through Duve with very minimal effort from our side. Duve really helps us manage the full guest experience lifecycle."

Julie Noiraud

Front Office Manager

👍 Front Office Manager Julie Noiraud said that Duve is really easy-to-use both for them and their guests:
  • "The product is great, and the support we are receiving is amazing. Plus we are able to sell many early check-ins and late check-out through Duve with very minimal effort from our side. Duve really helps us manage the full guest experience lifecycle."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Julie Noiraud evaluated Duve's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that Duve was the best fit solution:
  • Front Office Manager Julie Noiraud said, about their decision: "Before using Duve, we needed many different partners, but now we can depend only on Duve as a full end-to-end guest experience solution"

📈 The results: Almost immediately after rolling out, Les Bulles Des Paris was able to provide their guests with a full end-to-end guest experience solution, from allowing them to check-in online before their arrival, to creating a seamless communication center for guests to communicate with staff, and all the way to allowing them to easily purchase additional services from their web-based Guest App.
  • Les Bulles De Paris was able to automatically sell early check-ins and late check-outs with minimal effort from their staff. Additionally, they offered guests to purchase special occasion packages straight from the Guest App.

  • They were able to efficiently manage tasks - from assigning individuals and all the way down to specifying what exactly needs to be done. With Duve's Guest App, they were also able to digitally provide guests with all the information they needed during their stay.

  • Guests aren't always comfortable to say honest feedback in-person, however with Duve's digital check-out, Les Bulles De Paris is able to collect feedback from guests before they've left the hotel, and potentially save themselves a poor review on OTA sites. They've also leveraged Duve's digital check-out to help them meet a requirement of collecting guest feedback before check-out in order to maintain their 4-star ratings in the annual property classification.

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