The Result With RoomPriceGenie, Hotel de la Bourse has had a massive increase in bookings and turnover, increasing occupancy to almost 90%.

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at Hotel de la Bourse to verify this case study.
Hotel de la Bourse is a 120-year-old, 2-star hotel in the centre of Maastricht. There is a bustling restaurant on the ground floor, where locals mix with guests. Unlike other hotels, the wait staff manages check-in, which creates an immediate connection with the guest.
Why it matters: With a limited number of staff, the hotel needed to automate tasks that were repetitive and required too much time. Therefore it looked at adding a revenue management system to their tech stack to automate the room prices.
  • RoomPriceGenie offers hotels the benefit and peace of automation in their room price setting. The system takes the guess work and the manual uploads out of the equation, helping hotels to drive more revenue.

Top 3 Core Objectives: Patrick and the team at Hotel de la Bourse we looking for a revenue management solution that helped them improving the hotel revenue performance, save time, while being easy to use.
  • Save time: With a busy restaurant, it was hard to find the hours in the day to adequately manage room pricing, said Patrick. A system had to take out the manual work of revenue management.

  • Easy to use: Since the hotel was too small for a revenue manage that could be an expert in operating a revenue management system, Patrick and the team needed a system that was easy to learn and use.

  • Increase revenue: A major objective was to increase the revenue of the hotel; the investment had to result in a positive uptake in revenue.


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Hotel de la Bourse
Patrick Lexis
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Patrick Lexis who verified this case study.


Hotel de la Bourse

"I can honestly say that choosing RoomPriceGenie has been my best business decision ever in my nearly 30-year hospitality career."

Patrick Lexis


👍 Owner Patrick Lexis said that Independent hoteliers like Patrick drive actual results with RoomPriceGenie revenue management software.:
  • "I can honestly say that choosing RoomPriceGenie has been my best business decision ever in my nearly 30-year hospitality career."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Patrick Lexis evaluated RoomPriceGenie's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that RoomPriceGenie was the best fit solution:
  • Owner Patrick Lexis said, about their decision: "“We have had the same pricing for years. We had a low season price from January to March and a standard price for the rest of the year. For certain congresses and events, we would add a few euros to the price, but I hardly looked at the prices of our competitors. The restaurant simply took up too much of our time.”"

📈 The results: Patrick started using RoomPriceGenie immediately. While he waited for the connection to the channel manager to be established, he entered prices manually, which allowed him to get to know the platform well. By using a revenue management system, they gained the following results.
  • With RoomPriceGenie, Hotel de la Bourse has had a huge increase in bookings and turnover. Average room occupancy increased from 65-70% to almost 90%.

  • The hotel also experienced a +10% increase in revenue last year compared to 2019, the hotel’s best year, despite being in lockdown for another 6 weeks.

  • Patrick and the team saved time by using automation. The hardly looked at RoomPriceGenie last year because the platform does everything they needed automatically.

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