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Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at Seehotel Wilerbad to verify this case study.
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A hotel has guests. And ideally not too few. However, many guests also mean that you take care of them. And not just on site, but also to convince them to come back when they are away. How do we do this? We communicate with you before and after your stay via different channels.
Why it matters: To avoid having to type out all email addresses individually, many hotels send their emails via their PMS. Unfortunately, this often does not provide the most attractive view.
  • Conversion rates do not increase by themselves and content is not what your potential guest sees first. The appearance of a newsletter is decisive as to whether your recipient deletes the mail immediately or whether their interest is aroused and they want to take a closer look at the content.

Top 3 Core Objectives: Ann-Catrin Stolle, Sales & Marketing Manager, reveals that before Smart Host, they used to send traditional messages from their PMS. That wasn't attractive. Segmenting the individual groups of people was also incredibly time-consuming.
  • Conversion increase: Attractively designed newsletters should increase the conversion rate!

  • Easy & quick segmentation: The Seehotel Wilerbad was looking for a solution that would enable segmentation and targeting quickly, easily and, above all, effectively.

Smart Host GmbH

Smart Communication for Hoteliers and Guests – Simple. Automated. Profitable.

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Seehotel Wilerbad
Smart Host GmbH
Ann-Catrin Stolle
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Ann-Catrin Stolle who verified this case study.

Sales & Marketing Manager

Seehotel Wilerbad

"Everyone is totally enthusiastic and wouldn't want to do without the system!"

Ann-Catrin Stolle

Sales & Marketing Manager

👍 Sales & Marketing Manager Ann-Catrin Stolle said that Wilerbad is confident they made the right choice:
  • "Everyone is totally enthusiastic and wouldn't want to do without the system!"

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Ann-Catrin Stolle also researched Revinate, dailypoint™, and ultimately decided Smart Host GmbH was the best fit for them.
  • Sales & Marketing Manager Ann-Catrin Stolle said, about their decision: "Previously, we were still sending in the traditional way from our PMS - it's just not an attractive design. And we have found a very good solution with Smart Host."

📈 The results: "Everyone is totally enthusiastic and wouldn't want to do without the system!"
  • The feedback was not long in coming - consistently positive!

  • "Smart Host can be used for every customer segment," says Ann-Catrin Stolle. Segmentation and a personal approach are no longer a problem thanks to Smart Host.

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