Rotana leverages Cendyn CRS to drive loyalty and demand across their distribution channels

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at Rotana to verify this case study.
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Rotana partnered with Cendyn to leverage Pegasus CRS and Booking Engine. Rotana was able to ensure their direct booking channel remained competitive and create a rewarding booking experience for new and existing loyalty members.
Why it matters: This success story demonstrates the value of an integrated CRS and booking engine in enhancing direct booking channels. It shows how digital solutions can help hoteliers stay competitive by streamlining operations, improving customer loyalty, and contributing to business growth. This case study serves as an example of how hoteliers can leverage technology to beat out OTAs, drive direct bookings and maximize revenue.
  • Pegasus CRS allows hoteliers to optimize demand across global distribution channels by providing intelligent rate and inventory management tools with unprecedented flexibility, scalability, security and support. Booking Engine drives direct bookings with dynamic pricing rules, superior merchandising and loyalty integrations.

Top 3 Core Objectives: Rotana wanted to increase direct bookings and create a seamless booking experience for their guests. They sought to fully integrate the Rotana Rewards Loyalty program with their website in order to streamline the acquisition of new loyalty members. Ultimately, Rotana aimed to capture more direct booking revenue and optimize their booking process.
  • Drive direct bookings: To ensure their direct booking channels remain competitive with the lowest available rates for bookers and maximize direct booking revenue.

  • Integrated member portal: To drive loyalty by empowering guests to take full advantage of their loyalty program and member portal.

  • Streamline booking experience: To create a seamless, rewarding booking experience for both new and existing customers.


Maximize global demand, visibility, and bookings by swiftly adapting to market changes

Innovators Mentioned

Dominic Carr
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Dominic Carr who verified this case study.

Corporate Vice President


"Pegasus CRS has ensured that our direct booking channels remain competitive at all times. We create and update all our rate plans first in the CRS and then we distribute these to our hotels' PMS and onward distribution channels."

Dominic Carr

Corporate Vice President

👍 Corporate Vice President Dominic Carr said that The CRS is effectively our central source of truth for all our rates.:
  • "Pegasus CRS has ensured that our direct booking channels remain competitive at all times. We create and update all our rate plans first in the CRS and then we distribute these to our hotels' PMS and onward distribution channels."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Dominic Carr evaluated Cendyn's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that Cendyn was the best fit solution:
  • Corporate Vice President Dominic Carr said, about their decision: "The support and expertise offered to us by Cendyn's professional services team is extreme, and we obviously can't image working with a better individual when it comes to our distribution strategy. We value our partnership with Cendyn and we look forward to many future collaborations together."

📈 The results: Rotana now has a Booking Engine which flawlessly integrates with their member portal and loyalty programs. Pegasus CRS has fortified their direct booking channels, maintaining their competitiveness while propelling direct bookings. Also, the introduction of Rotana eConnect has proved beneficial for Corporate Bookers, offering a user access-controlled booking engine designed for contracted rate bookings.
  • Offered customers the lowest rate for their stay through direct booking channels, ensuring the Rotana website is a competitive booking platform.

  • Acquired new members and drove loyalty among existing customers with ease by utilizing a seamless integration between Rotana’s loyalty program and Cendyn’s Booking Engine.

  • Streamlined corporate booking process and drove increased contracted rate bookings.

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