How Flexkeeping helped Grand Park Hotel improve the guest experience by automating operations and supercharging collaboration

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In its pursuit of becoming the leading regional hotel on the Adriatic coastline, Grand Park Hotel sought a solution to streamline its operations and enhance overall guest satisfaction. Flexkeeping's Hotel Operations Platform played a crucial role in helping Grand Park achieve operational efficiency - including housekeeping, maintenance and front office - by reutilising existing resources and creating a personalised guest experience.
Why it matters: To this day, guest satisfaction remains a pivotal factor in the hospitality industry. Achieving it depends on various factors, including the seamless coordination of key departments within a hotel. Communication, automation, and access to real-time data are among the elements that elevate hotels' internal operations.
  • Flexkeeping's Hotel Operations Platform empowered the Grand Park Hotel to boost its operations - from housekeeping to maintenance to front office. The platform facilitated collaboration among staff, and through transparent communication and real-time updates, Flexkeeping enabled Grand Park to proactively address guest needs and preferences, fostering a better guest experience.

Top 3 Core Objectives: Grand Park Hotel chose Flexkeeping's Hotel Operations Platform to automate operational processes, improve communication, and leverage real-time data.
  • Streamline guest feedback collection: Feedback collection and resolution processes were two bottlenecks of Grand Park Hotel. Guests often kept comments to themselves or were hesitant to inform staff.

  • Boosting productivity and communication: Gathering insights about guests also depended on internal communication between departments. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and clear instructions on how to handle feedback were lacking, making it harder to handle complaints.

  • Becoming more strategic: Capturing previous guest experiences and feedback had been a ongoing oversight. Management wanted to monitor guest preferences for future visits, aiming to deliver a tailored and personalised guest experience.


The easy Hotel Operations Platform

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Peter Loesch
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General Manager

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Diana Lukić Grandov
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Room Division Manager

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"Every comment a guest makes gets immediately communicated throughout the whole hotel. Since it’s such a transparent platform, staff can react instantly, and management can stay informed about the situation."

Peter Loesch

General Manager

👍 General Manager Peter Loesch said that guest comments are instantly communicated throughout all departments with full transparency:
  • "Every comment a guest makes gets immediately communicated throughout the whole hotel. Since it’s such a transparent platform, staff can react instantly, and management can stay informed about the situation."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Diana Lukić Grandov evaluated Flexkeeping's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that Flexkeeping was the best fit solution:
  • Room Division Manager Diana Lukić Grandov said, about their decision: "We reviewed several platforms, but Flexkeeping was a clear winner. The product was superior and the team was incredibly enthusiastic."

📈 The results: Grand Park Hotel achieved increased guest satisfaction, streamlined issue resolution through automation and collaboration, and enhanced strategic decision-making by implementing Flexkeeping across its operations.
  • Flexkeeping empowered the Grand Park Hotel to use existing resources more efficiently. The hotel successfully increased guest satisfaction by collecting and acting on guest feedback in real-time, leading to a better overall and personalised guest experience.

  • Implementing Flexkeeping's digital Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) module helped guide staff on how and when to collect guest feedback. Grand Park also relied on Guest Feedback Management software to ensure all guest complaints were logged and automatically assigned to a team member for quick resolution.

  • The hotel took a proactive approach to resolving guest complaints with Flexkeeping, fostering transparent communication across departments. This enabled instant staff response to guest comments, kept management informed, and facilitated strategic decision-making that ultimately has led to a culture of constantly improving guest satisfaction.

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