InterContinental Vienna: Opting for Digital Handovers over Spreadsheets

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at InterContinental Vienna Hotel to verify this case study.
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Looking back, the day-to-day work at InterContinental hotel Vienna has significantly evolved. Joao Everard has been the Front Office Manager for 10 years and has witnessed many changes during this time. Especially in recent years and with the implementation of the communication platform hotelkit, a great deal has changed. Everard shares his experiences with us and outlines how hotelkit contributes to a successful work day for the Front Office team at InterContinental hotel Vienna.
Why it matters: The implementation of hotelkit has significantly enhanced the workflow at InterContinental hotel, and the Front Office team is delighted with the user-friendly interface and the streamlined organization it provides.
  • In the past, they used spreadsheets and had to make a lot of phone calls, leading to loss of information and unnecessary delays. However, since implementing hotelkit, these concerns are now a thing of the past.

Top 3 Core Objectives: A centralized task status overview was required to streamline team organization and save time by simplifying task creation and management. Additionally, fostering smooth collaboration with other departments like Housekeeping, Room Service, and Maintenance was emphasized.
  • Centralize overview: A centralized overview of the status of tasks was needed, to make it easy for the team to organize itself.

  • Save time: Creating and forwarding tasks should be simple and time-saving.

  • Collaboration with other departments: Smooth cooperation with other departments, such as Housekeeping, Room Service and the Maintenance department.


Designed to simplify, connect and improve. One single platform with helpful tools for daily hotel routines. A solution to optimize hotel operations and internal communication.

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InterContinental Vienna Hotel
Joao Everard
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Joao Everard who verified this case study.

Front Office Manager

InterContinental Vienna Hotel

"It’s now hard to envision working without hotelkit. No other tool centralizes everything so seamlessly."

Joao Everard

Front Office Manager

👍 Front Office Manager Joao Everard said that Joao Everard, Front Office Manager, is impressed with hotelkit. He says no other tool centralizes everything so seamlessly.:
  • "It’s now hard to envision working without hotelkit. No other tool centralizes everything so seamlessly."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Joao Everard evaluated hotelkit's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that hotelkit was the best fit solution:
  • Front Office Manager Joao Everard said, about their decision: "Other vendors were evaluated and an old communication system was eventually replaced by hotelkit."

📈 The results: hotelkit replaced the old communication system at the InterContinental Vienna and has since ensured optimal cooperation between the departments of the 5-star hotel. This saves time and decreases the workload for employees.
  • The handover tool digitally conveys important information to colleagues working the next shift. Like this, handovers are easily understandable and clear. Information no longer gets lost, and everyone is always in the loop.

  • The integration of the hotelkit Housekeeping Tool allows for a concise overview of the real-time status of updated room cleanings. Communicating with the Housekeeping team is now stress-free and straightforward.

  • The Guest Request tool makes communicating and taking care of requests a lot smoother as the request can be transmitted directly to the appropriate recipients and assigned with a binding deadline.

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