PPHE Hotel Group embraces nimble new approach with SiteMinder Multi-Property

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at PPHE Hotel Group to verify this case study.
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Being adaptable as a hotel group is a difficult assignment. But as any distribution manager will attest to, the positive bottom line impacts are real if trends can be responded to quickly and met with the right solutions.
Why it matters: For PPHE Hotel Group, a hospitality real estate company operating the Park Plaza and art’otel brands across Europe, this is certainly true – its laser focus on responsiveness currently proving invaluable.
  • As markets spring to life, and PPHE’s award-winning hotels and restaurants are filled to capacity in one region, another can simultaneously be experiencing speed bumps, making the need to be adaptive essential.

Top 3 Core Objectives: Catering to both the leisure and business segments, PPHE’s distribution team needed a system that enables its hotels to load, manage and distribute their rates centrally, to help them work smarter in the current climate.
  • Scale and experience: The team at PPHE needed a platform that will easily adjust to rapid changes with a robust architecture able to work well and very fast.

  • Efficiency across multiple properties: For Michelle and her team, this additional speed to market can be the difference between activating a new channel and gaining exposure to a range of new guests ​​– or not.

  • A great support team: Having a team able to support PPHE group at all times was a key element to choose their preferred technology platform.


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PPHE Hotel Group
Michelle Steyn
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Michelle Steyn who verified this case study.

Director of Distribution, Reservations and Customer Service

PPHE Hotel Group

"“The team understood our needs, and tweaked the interface to optimise performance accordingly."

Michelle Steyn

Director of Distribution, Reservations and Customer Service

👍 Director of Distribution, Reservations and Customer Service Michelle Steyn said that The reliability of SiteMinder Multi-Property is also important to us. The technology is solid and stable and we very rarely experience any channel outages.”:
  • "“The team understood our needs, and tweaked the interface to optimise performance accordingly."

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Michelle Steyn evaluated SiteMinder's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that SiteMinder was the best fit solution:
  • Director of Distribution, Reservations and Customer Service Michelle Steyn said, about their decision: "“We work in a hyper fast-paced industry, and sometimes opted against rolling out new rate plans and channels in the past, simply due to the amount of time it took to set them up for multiple properties. We feel confident that, with SiteMinder Multi-Property, a lot of that time and effort has been taken away.”"

📈 The results: Michelle Steyn, the Director of Distribution, Reservations and Customer Service at PPHE Hotel Group, provides an insight into the core issues her team were looking to solve for, and the results so far. “We definitely knew we needed to be more nimble, and with SiteMinder Multi-Property, a task like loading multiple rate plans has become much easier,” she explained."
  • A successful distribution engine with a knowledgeable team available to implement further changes that fitted PPHE's needs

  • More time in our hands to focus on a great guest experience

  • Saved countless hours of work spent setting up channels in multiple properties. To provide a tangible example, PPHE group recently rolled out a new channel, Trip.com, for 11 hotels across three regions. Where previously it would have taken two team members four to five days to complete this task, one person finalised the set up within just two

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