Amadeus Expands Partnership with Aimbridge Hospitality with Exclusive Business Intelligence Endorsement

Leading, global hospitality company will use Amadeus’ full suite of industry-leading business intelligence to gain a consolidated view of global portfolio performance and enhance forecast projections based on forward-looking market insights.

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Today’s fluctuating markets and traveler behaviors dictate a hotelier’s need for real-time data to adapt to trends and identify every available revenue opportunity. With data spread across systems, hoteliers can sometimes experience information overload and challenges in extracting actionable insights.

Aimbridge Hospitality, a leading global hospitality company managing a portfolio of over 1,500 hotels across 50 US states and 23 countries, understands the need to have a clear picture of performance across its portfolio. Whether looking from a global view or an individual property level, data is the cornerstone of building and executing an effective business strategy.

With this in mind, Aimbridge has exclusively endorsed Amadeus’ full business intelligence suite including Demand360®, Agency360®, and RevenueStrategy360® for use across its organization. With access to the industry’s most comprehensive insights, including on-the-books, forward-looking occupancy rates, channel performance data, and alternative accommodation booking trends, Aimbridge looks to position itself for long-term growth.

“The market conditions we face as a business today continue to evolve at a more rapid pace than we’ve previously experienced. Having access to our portfolio performance enables us to make more effective revenue decisions down to the individual property level and aid in strategic decision making. With our scale and continued growth, and with Amadeus as our trusted technology partner, we are confident this differentiated partnership will set us up for success now and in the future,” says Andrew Rubinacci, EVP Commercial & Revenue Strategy, Aimbridge Hospitality.

“We’re pleased to partner with Aimbridge Hospitality to support its business goals. As we continue to evolve our business intelligence suite, our mission is to provide the broadest and deepest set of market insights to enable hoteliers to make the most effective decisions for their business,” remarks Ilia Kostov, Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer, North America, Hospitality, Amadeus.

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