Asksuite, IDeaS, SiteMinder, & OTA Insight Announce Webinar: How to Drive More Hotel Bookings in 2023

Discover sure-fire ways to increase hotel bookings from Hotel Tech Award Winners


The People's Choice Awards recognize the Top 10 companies globally who have balanced strong growth with a relentless focus on customer-centricity.

Asksuite is hosting an upcoming webinar titled, How to Drive More Hotel Bookings in 2023, featuring People's Choice Award Winners: IDeaS, SiteMinder, and OTA Insight

“The People’s Choice list is the most competitive HotelTechAward because it compares the most influential hotel tech companies across all categories.  This award is earned by the companies in the industry who have customer-centric cultures and are writing the playbook for digital transformation in hospitality,” says Hotel Tech Report CEO Jordan Hollander.

In this live session, hoteliers will have a chance to learn insightful direct booking strategies from the top hotel tech companies of 2023.

Save the date: Feb 9th at 4pm (CET)

You'll hear from the following winners:

Klaus Kohlmayr  - Chief Evangelist and Development Officer at IDeaS.

As Chief Evangelist and Development Officer for IDeaS, Klaus’ role is to challenge existing thought processes, create stimulating conversations and help bring to life the future of Revenue Management and Pricing in hospitality and travel. IDeaS is the world’s leading provider of revenue management software and services, combining industry knowledge with innovative, data-analytic technology. IDeaS ranked #9 Hoteliers’ Choice and #10 Best Places to Work in the 2023 HotelTechAwards.

Dan Freeman - Regional Sales Manager (UK & Ireland) at SiteMinder

Dan Freeman leads SiteMinder’s commercial efforts across UK & Ireland, helping thousands of hoteliers improve their online distribution, streamline operations and increase revenue.  SiteMinder’s innovative online platform offers hotels and accommodation providers a comprehensive range of products and solutions to sell, market, manage and grow their business - from one place. Besides ranking #1 Hoteliers’ Choice, SiteMinder was recognized as #1 Best Hotel eCommerce Platform, #1 Channel Manager and #1 Booking Engine in the 2023 HotelTechAwards.

Valeriya Kim - Senior BDM (UK and Ireland) at OTA Insight

Valeriya Kim’s main focus is to support and assist professionals in the hospitality industry by introducing the right technology and data that will help them thrive in the current environment. OTA Insight’s vision is to provide user-friendly revenue management tools, as well as become the global leader in data intelligence for the hospitality industry. OTA Insight ranked #2 Hoteliers’ Choice, #1 Business Intelligence, #1 Hotel Rate Parity, and #1 Shopping & Market Intelligence provider in the 2023 HotelTechAwards.

David Byrne - VP of Sales and Partnerships at Asksuite

David Byrne has a flair for tech start-ups with a sales career that began over 20 years ago. Before joining Asksuite, David led several companies, helping them to expand throughout the UK and Ireland. Asksuite’s mission is to make Reservation and Sales teams unstoppable by turning service requests into direct bookings and revenue. Their platform provides centralized control of all hotel communication channels powered by AI. Asksuite is #5 Hoteliers’ Choice, #1 Best Livechat & Chatbot, #3 Best Place to Work in the 2023 HotelTechAwards.

Asksuite’s content coordinator, Paula Carreirão, is hosting this webinar where properties will have an opportunity to interact live with these experts as they discuss ways to boost bookings through the following:

-Direct booking channels

-Distribution strategies

-Revenue & dynamic pricing 

-Travelers’ Behavior

It’s important to highlight that the guest companies in this webinar were voted from a global community of 800,000+ hoteliers, contributing 16k+ new verified product reviews, making this the most competitive year in HotelTechAwards history. Don’t miss a chance to hear from them. Access link to register at the top of this page. 

About Asksuite

Asksuite is a global leader in hotel omnichannel service for hotels and resorts. The company’s mission is to make Reservation and Sales teams unstoppable by turning service requests into direct bookings and revenue. Asksuite’s platform provides centralized control of all hotel communication channels with maximum automation. Asksuite has won #1 Best Livechat & Chatbot by HotelTechAwards for the fourth year in a row, as well as #5 People’s Choice Award, and #3 Best Place to Work, consolidating its position as a worldwide reference for hotel tech solutions.