A New Era in Hospitality: ChatGPT + Asksuite = AskGPT

Take your property to the next level with AskGPT!


In less than 6 years, Asksuite has become a global leader as a service and artificial intelligence platform for hospitality. It is present in more than 70 countries with more than 125 employees and almost 3,500 properties in its portfolio. With reference brands in the global hotel industry, such as Hard Rock New York Hotel, and Palazzo Versace Dubai.

Now, after tireless months of fine-tuning, Asksuite will launch what promises to be a revolution in the market, in a free online webinar.  AskGPT, a new feature, free to its customers, integrates ChatGPT with Asksuite's artificial intelligence and machine learning logic.

Open.AI’s ChatGPT became the hottest trend last year for its advanced ability to use natural language processing to create humanlike conversational dialogue. Asksuite has recently applied the ChatGPT algorithm to its own AI for hotels, which can increase the understanding level and automation of hotel messaging services by up to 95%.

Vinicius Pavei, co-founder and CTO of Asksuite, comments on the development challenges: “Since ChatGPT was launched, we've created a cell in the product team to work on this technology. Generative AI is one of the biggest challenges because it generates its own content, so we do not have 100% control of the responses to travelers. So, we had to develop several algorithms to control issues that could be critical for hotels, such as the issue of offering discounts. Now, after 10 months of development, and some hotels and chains participating in beta testing, we have the first version, which is actually very safe and extremely advanced. This logic does not replace all of our customers' previously configured responses on our platform, but rather becomes a new layer of understanding to guarantee an even higher level of automation than what we already had. Currently, with AskGPT, there are 5 logics in total, in addition to machine learning algorithms that automatically map interactions and suggest new knowledge to the AI. And this is just the beginning, there’s a lot more to come!”

With AskGPT, Asksuite goes “beyond the hype” of artificial intelligence, injecting a heavy dose of technology capable of instantly transforming the experience of how hotel virtual assistants will interact with their travelers and the way hoteliers teach the robot quickly and easily.


According to Rodrigo Teixeira, Asksuite CEO, “the launch marks a second era for Asksuite in the field of AI. We are very clear about our focus as a company on increasing the automation of service processes and  productivity of the human reservation agent so they can focus 100% of their attention on negotiating and closing reservations, without wasting time on operational demands. We are also thrilled that with the AskGPT logic and algorithms, our clients will see a rapid increase of up to 30% in the digital assistant's understanding of every question asked, along with being able to easily add data to continually raise that level. It’s truly transformational for our hotel market.”

Integration with AskGPT can be carried out in seconds from the Asksuite app store within the platform, bringing instant results. The robot begins developing more intelligent responses using various data sources that already exist on the platform. Customers can also count on a brand-new user-friendly interface for inserting new content. This innovative solution has a sensitive term filter as well, which considerably eliminates the risk of false answers.

To understand how it works, hoteliers can register for the free launch webinar, also open to non-customers, with this link, or visit the Asksuite website.

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Asksuite is a global leader in AI reservation agents and omnichannel communication for independent hotels, groups, and resorts. Its mission is to empower Reservation, Marketing, and Sales teams by converting service requests into direct bookings and revenue.