Respect Social Distancing and Contact-Free Choices of Your Guests

Here is another tool - Guest Assistance that works in the Touchless principe via scanning the QR-code.

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Last time we introduced you to our unique feature, the Cleanliness Certificate.

Here is another tool - Virtual Concierge that works in the Touchless principle via scanning the QR-code. This eliminates the need for using phones in the guest room and prevents the guests from touching additional surfaces that might carry infectious bacteria.

How does it work, you ask?

You simply place a QR code in the room, or any public area, and the guest only has to scan it with a phone’s camera, access the messenger, and start chatting with the person responsible for guest communication in your hotel. From the same page, the guest will have access to the list of #services provided and request with one click of a button.

What other benefits are there using the HKeeper ?oncierge system?

  • All requests are automated, meaning that there’s no need to administrate and spend time on assigning them.

  • Each guest request can be escalated based on request importance, according to the hotel’s standards/policy.

  • No more lost information, as all data from chats and guest requests can be tracked.

  • All data from the chat and guest request page is turned into reports and analytics automatically.

The great thing about HKeepe Concierge is that the guest doesn’t have to download any apps!

Lastly, you save on repairing and replacing phones, no need to pay for phone lines, and Zero investment for the implementation!


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