Duve Introduces DuveConnect to Empower Hosts and Hoteliers to Easily Exchange Data between Duve and Third-Party Systems

DuveConnect enables hoteliers to easily share data between Duve and their third-party systems to improve operations, grow revenues and personalize guest journeys.

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Duve, named the best guest experience platform of 2023, announces its newest innovation - DuveConnect, which empowers hoteliers to enable the flow of data for increased operational efficiency, boosted revenues, and automatically personalized guest journeys. DuveConnect is an add-on capability to Duve’s guest experience platform allowing Duve and the hotel’s external systems to seamlessly exchange data.

DuveConnect combines two powerful capabilities:

  • Incoming: Receive data from third-party systems in Duve so that data points from those systems can be used in Duve's guest journey.

  • Outgoing: Send data to third-party systems based on specific events that occur in the guest journey in Duve so that these data points can be used by those systems.

Early adopters of DuveConnect have utilized this capability to efficiently streamline their operations by enabling the flow of data between systems used by various departments in the hotel. For example hoteliers are able to seamlessly sync orders placed through Duve's guest app with external task management systems, or enhance marketing data management by receiving information from an external marketing data management system about guest preferences.

Gil Einy, Chief Information Officer at Fattal Hotels, expressed his thoughts on DuveConnect: "DuveConnect is undeniably one of Duve's most critical features, simplifying the integration between our systems, such as our CRM. It empowers us to send tailored, personalized messages directly to our guests through the Guest App, WhatsApp, and email communications. In the past, these messages would go through multiple platforms, but today, DuveConnect consolidates them into a single, streamlined channel, enhancing efficiency and guest engagement."

Jeremy Atlan, Chief Business Development Officer and Co-Founder at Duve, elaborates on how DuveConnect aligns perfectly with the company's mission: "At Duve, our mission is to be the central hub for all guest experience-related activities, spanning from check-in to communications, to the guest app and through check-out. DuveConnect embodies this mission by empowering hoteliers to seamlessly integrate their tech stack, enabling them to provide the ultimate experience for their guests. It allows the effortless sharing and retrieval of critical information from external services that play a pivotal role in enhancing the guest journey. DuveConnect acts as the link that weaves together every facet of the guest journey, effortlessly incorporating external systems into Duve's workflows. It's all about closing the gaps, elevating guest satisfaction, and paving the way for memorable experiences."

About Duve

Duve, an award-winning guest experience platform, is revolutionizing the hospitality industry by offering a truly personalized guest experience suite. Duve helps hoteliers create a tailored and digital journey for each and every guest - from online check-in flows that meet the exact needs of each guest, to a web-based guest app with relevant content in the guests' native language, to personalized upsells that increase revenue potential and satisfaction of each guest. By partnering with more than 150 integration partners, across all major PMS’s, OTA’s, PSP’s, Digital Key providers and 3rd-party vendors, Duve helps transform the way guest experience is provided at thousands of hotels and vacation rentals around the world.