Duve Unleashes Major Innovations in Guest Experience Platform to Help Hoteliers Stay Ahead the Summer Peak Season

Duve rolls out new capabilities to help hoteliers personalize each guest's journey from pre-arrival to post-stay.

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Duve is set to revolutionize guest experience this summer with its latest releases designed to boost guest engagement and streamline the guest journey from pre-arrival to post-stay. With these innovations, hoteliers can navigate the high season's demands with ease and efficiency while delivering unrivaled personalized guest experiences.

"The end of summer is one of the busiest periods for the hospitality industry. Our latest innovations help to create a sense of personalized attention for each guest, even at peak times," shares David Mezuman, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer at Duve. "Not only will these innovations enhance the guest experience and help hotels generate additional revenues, but they also allow staff to better manage their time and workload during a season where they need it most.”

The new suite of Duve's features empowers hoteliers to redefine guest experiences at every touchpoint:



Duve’s Motion automatically generates personalized videos to help hoteliers engage guests throughout different stages of the guest journey. These dynamic videos embed guest-specific information to encourage guests to interact with the hotel as needed - whether it’s to drive online check-in prior to arrival, promote hotel amenities or add-on services, encourage leaving a review, or drive repeat bookings. Hoteliers can incorporate these personalized videos within Duve’s Guest App or in various communication channels such as WhatsApp, Chat, SMS, and Email, adding a unique, personal touch to each stage of the guest experience.


SmartPriority by DuveAI

DuveAI’s SmartPriority identifies high priority conversations based on guest sentiment, stage in the guest journey, and query topic, and automatically escalates them for immediate attention, helping hotel staff focus their attention on what matters most. Future developments of DuveAI will expand its suite of features to include suggested responses to incoming messages from guests, auto-replies, auto-generated content for the Guest App, and business insights. These enhancements will aim to further streamline operations and augment personalization in hospitality management.


Email Pro

Following a guest's departure, Duve's Email Pro can significantly help hoteliers schedule and segment customized emails. Through scheduling highly customized and segmented email campaigns, Duve creates opportunities for additional revenue generation, returning guests and gathering online reviews.

These new capabilities transform the guest journey into a more connected, personalized, and efficient process to help exceed guest expectations and ensure that every interaction adds value to their experience. 

About Duve

Duve is an award-winning guest experience platform revolutionizing the hospitality industry by offering a truly personalized guest experience suite. Duve helps hoteliers create a tailored and digital journey for each and every guest - from online check-in flows that meet the exact needs of each guest, to a web-based guest app with relevant content in the guests' native language, to personalized upsells that increase revenue potential and satisfaction of each guest. By partnering with more than 150 integration partners, across all major PMS’s, OTA’s, PSP’s, Digital Key providers and 3rd-party vendors, Duve helps transform the way guest experience is provided at thousands of hotels and vacation rentals around the world.