Eviivo Debuts Industry-First, Groundbreaking AI-Powered Guest Messaging Tool For Short-Term Rentals And Independent Accommodations

eviivo offers first-of-its-kind Generative AI virtual concierge that revolutionizes guest communication for Airbnb, vacation rental and boutique hotel owners.

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Today, eviivo, a leading travel tech company known for its award-winning booking and property management platform, eviivo Suite, and award-winning app, eviivo Mobile, announces the launch of eviivo Concierge, a groundbreaking Generative AI-powered guest messaging tool for property owners (such as vacation rentals), Airbnb and Vrbo hosts and boutique hoteliers in short-term rentals and independent accommodations. With eviivo Concierge, eviivo is the first global property management platform to fully integrate the power of AI as a new time-saving Guest Management feature, pioneering hospitality technology with powerful, personalized and predictive guest communication solutions.

“Automation has always been the key to success for property owners, and we’ve proudly gone above and beyond for our customers with eviivo Concierge — a future-forward, AI-powered chatbot integrated in our award-winning software — that expertly and concisely responds to guests on their website,” says Steve Kerridge, eviivo Head of Product and Design. “eviivo Concierge not only revolutionizes guest communication and messaging, it will unarguably be a welcomed standard for property owners. As the first global property management platform in our industry to introduce front-end Generative AI technology, we’re thrilled to continue being pioneers our customers can rely on.”

A seamlessly designed virtual assistant available on customers’ websites, eviivo Concierge leverages the property’s accommodations service data to predictively answer guest questions based on any commands or directives (ie: “How many suites do you have? Answer with humor”), provide personalized assistance and recommendations, and also transform and enhance guest communication while saving property owners valuable time and money, increasing efficiency and driving more bookings.

“Generative AI has been in high demand in the short-term rental industry, and with our release of eviivo Concierge, eviivo customers have been truly excited, especially since we’re meeting expectations for what we deliver best: giving back their time,” says Usama Ahmed, eviivo Product Director. “Our award-winning mobile app allows hosts to run their business anywhere, anytime, right in the palm of their hand — and now with eviivo’s 24/7 digital Concierge, property owners can have dozens of guest questions answered while they tend to their garden, vacation with family or even while they sleep.”

eviivo Concierge is an integral part of eviivo Suite’s guest messaging solution, including:

  • Website-based, custom-tailored generative AI responses to guest questions, which consistently improves personalization over time.

  • Allows property owners, hosts and hoteliers to build key relationships and reduce mundane tasks while eviivo Concierge answers guest questions 24/7.

  • Designed to provide guests answers in any format or theme they command (ie: “be funny;” “show me the best bedroom photos;” etc).

  • Automates multi-channel guest interactions through world-class APIs to Online travel Agencies/OTAs (such as Airbnb, Vrbo, Expedia, etc).

  • Access to saved AI conversation transcripts through eviivo Conversation’s unified messaging inbox to optimize self-learning.

  • Can help create engaging email templates to increase direct and repeat bookings.

  • Ability to automate and curate guest experiences through eviivo Suite, including personalized emails, payment reminders, booking confirmations and contactless check-in details.

  • Invite guests to leave reviews through eviivo Conversation.

eviivo Concierge addresses the growing demand for ChatGPT/AI integration in the hospitality industry, which is set to revolutionize the guest experience “in the next 10 years by providing more personalized and recommendation engines, automation of repetitive tasks, virtual assistants, smart room technology and concierge services,” according to Hotel Tech Report.

According to Forbes, 64% of businesses expect AI to increase productivity, and AI will see an annual growth rate of 37.3% from 2023 to 2030.

About eviivo

eviivo is a leading hospitality software company known for its award-winning, cloud-based booking and property management system, eviivo Suite, an “all-in-one” system that allows property owners, hoteliers and hosts to manage guests, bookings and online travel agencies — such as Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia and Vrbo —in one simple, easy-to-use platform, helping them increase revenue and occupancy, improve the guest experience and future-proof their business.

eviivo’s first-of-its-kind mobile app, eviivo Mobile, won “Best Mobile App Of The Year 2023” with TravelTech Breakthrough Awards. As part of a 10-year anniversary milestone in 2023, eviivo launched eviivo Collective, the world’s first collection of unique, notable and independent properties.

With over 20,000 accommodations and 660,000 bookings per month, eviivo is the preferred software for hotels, vacation rentals, resorts, B&Bs, urban rentals, guest houses, serviced apartments, inns, villas, cottages, campsites and even unique accommodations, such as windmills, boats, castles and yurts!

eviivo has seven main headquarters across the globe, including: London, UK (flagship location); Austin, TX and New York, NY (USA); Dusseldorf, Germany, Paris, France; Malaga, Spain; and Tunis, Tunisia.