Guestline Enhances its Revenue Management Offerings with new two-way interfaces to boost hotels revenue and Occupancy Even in the Most Challenging of Times

Gain in-depth insights on your property(ies) and your competitor’s performance to make informed and timely rate decisions


Where data is everything and the cornerstone to making informed, profitable rate and occupancy decisions that can help shape your property’s positioning and success, Guestline is pleased to announce new interfaces with innovative RMS solution providers RoomPriceGenie, Hotellistat and Outperform RMS (HSDS) to automate such decisions, ensuring market demands are met in the fastest way possible.

The new two-way htng interfaces will provide hoteliers with detailed information and reports at the click of a button to enable them to analyse, accept or adjust, and automatically update rate recommendations made by the Revenue Management System in the PMS.


More information on these interfaces is as follows:



RoomPriceGenie's integration with Guestline provides all the necessary data for smart pricing and has the functionality to deliver these prices back to Guestline Rezlynx PMS. Prices are calculated by RoomPriceGenie’s Pricing Algorithm and can be updated at a click of a button, or continuously through the Auto-Pilot feature to get maximum benefit with the smallest amount of work.

By automating the pricing strategy, RoomPriceGenie has found that hoteliers typically receive approximately 15% more revenue and save hours per week as they only check the system for 15 minutes per week on average. Also, the automated processes ensure that hotels have the pricing (either enhanced or reduced) the way they want it, maintaining full control and maximising opportunities to boost revenue.

Marvin Speh, Co-Founder at RoomPriceGenie AG added, ‘We are pleased to be working with Guestline as they are a company we have long admired for their work with hoteliers. We’re keen to help hoteliers maximise their income potential through automated room pricing to enable them to drive revenue, reduce stress and a get a better night’s sleep!’

Victoria Ketcher, The Clive Arms Hotel (a mutual Guestline and RoomPriceGenie customer) said ‘RoomPriceGenie helped us to get through Covid and managed our prices daily so that we ended with revenue significantly higher than last year. The solution is very user-friendly and intuitive, and we are excited to have them as our partner.’



The two-way interface (via HTNG) between Guestline Platform and Hospitality Software Development Services (HSDS), enables hoteliers to upload PMS data to OutPerform RMS, which in turn delivers rate suggestions and provides easy access to reports to aid strategic decision planning.

Hoteliers can access a variety of dashboards - graphs with the 30 days evolution of the most important KPIs, daily and monthly views and BOB, Pick-up and Compset reports - collated from the wealth of aggregated PMS data, to help optimise rates.

Adriaan Kleingeld, HSDS Founder and CEO commented, ‘We are excited to partner up with Guestline, together with our UK partner Revenue by Design Ltd., one of the UK’s leading Revenue Management Companies who offer all native support for our RMS OutPerform.

The streamlined workflow will give hoteliers instant access to a wealth of information to help them manage rates and understand the landscape so they can make informed decisions based on fact rather than assumptions.’



The 2-way interface between Guestline PMS and Hotellistat provides innovative visual pricing and transparent strategic revenue management. Hotellistat is an all-in-one Revenue Market and Business Intelligence system offering hotels drag and drop pricing, transparent revenue strategies and fully automated pricing combined with restrictions. The main differentiator to other systems is the ability to manage pricing for any rate code in every category. In addition to revenue management, the system offers various additional solutions for reputation management, business analytics, web and e-commerce and social media management.

Philip Kuchelmeister, Managing Director of Hotellistat added, ‘We are delighted to partner with Guestline and provide innovative revenue management - from simple price management through to complex strategic decisions and automated rules. Our system includes every piece of data a hotelier could need to establish the right prices which can then be updated on all channels instantly with a simple click on the 'push rates to Guestline' button!’ 


The full list of RMS interfaces are available here.


Sara Canatario, Guestline Product Marketing Manager added, “We’re always delighted to welcome new third party interfaces to strengthen Guestline’s Platform proposition and to meet hotelier’s needs and requirements across all our regions. Revenue management automation has been extremely important in the current climate to help hoteliers maximise occupancy and profitability with limited resources.

By adding RoomPriceGenie, OutPerform, and Hotellistat to our portfolio of RMS interfaces, we are giving our hoteliers a wider breadth of choice along with all the benefits of having a two-way integration between the PMS and RMS.”


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