New Industry Report Finds Out That 40.2% of Hoteliers Don’t Do Any Follow-ups

Asksuite interviews hoteliers worldwide and the results are instrumental for the uncharted waters of hotel performance indicators

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Asksuite has just launched an unprecedented report on hotel performance, and it's a great opportunity for hoteliers who have tiresomely tried to benchmark competitors’ performance data on customer service and reservation sales.

Asksuite is a global tech leader hotel omnichannel service platform. The company strives to increase direct bookings and revenue by improving communication between travelers, hotels, and resorts.

For that, the Hotel Tech Awards’ three-time winner Asksuite constantly checks in with hotels worldwide; and the idea behind such a project was born from these conversations with hoteliers and managers in the industry—while trying to gather some data on how to improve its products, Asksuite realized many hoteliers had no data-based answers when it came to performance-related metrics.

Those interviews were then cataloged and transformed into surveys where 213 hoteliers shared information surrounding customer service, Sales, Reservations, and the front desk. The results show interesting metrics about the following:

-Phone Calls

-Social Media



-Conversion rates

-Lead capture


-And more

The data in this research can be interpreted in two ways: how the competition is handling performance, and how hoteliers can find areas where they are missing opportunities to increase bookings and revenue. 

This data is truly revealing. For example, to any property owner who has ever wondered how many emails hotels get in a day, the report found out that 58.1% of them get up to 80 emails, which makes 12 hundred emails a month, which can be an overwhelming number to handle. Yet, the data also showed that 69.8% of hotels don’t use email templates. This can really affect hotels negatively. Keeping agents occupied replying to the same questions while also offering non-standard answers is a risky business.

Data concerning hotel emails is just one area this report clarifies. For example, 59.8% of hoteliers do not capture leads, which raises the question of how hotels are studying their personas, traveling patterns, improving service, or even prospecting seasonality. 

From a hotel standpoint, the 2022 Reservation Sales Report is not only a great benchmarking tool for hotels aiming at outstanding performance, but it also covers reservation metrics that can ring alarm bells as far as missed opportunities to increase profits go. 

About Asksuite

Asksuite is a global leader in hotel omnichannel service for hotels and resorts. The company’s mission is to make Reservation and Sales teams unstoppable by turning service requests into direct bookings and revenue. Asksuite’s platform provides centralized control of all hotel communication channels with maximum automation. Asksuite has won #1 Best Livechat & Chatbot by HotelTechAwards for the third year in a row, consolidating its position as a worldwide reference for hotel tech solutions.