Monscierge Unveils Virtual Mini-Bar on Apple TV

Hotels can earn revenue from guest purchases through the Virtual Mini-Bar available on Monscierge's Apple TV for Hospitality.

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The award-winning hospitality TV solution built specifically for hotels and vacation rentals just got an upgrade. Hospitality technology firm Monscierge has released the latest version of their highly sought-after technology, Apple TV for Hospitality. This latest version is now equipped to offer their new Virtual Mini Bar feature, which gives hosts and owner/operators even more opportunity to capture additional onsite revenue.

Marcus Robinson, CEO of Monscierge, said, "We offer curated and highly personalized experiences that help build accountability and create better guest experiences for our customers. Offering this in a way that also helps hotels reduce cost and increase their revenue is our mission."

In continuing to evolve the in-room experience, Monscierge has unveiled the Virtual Mini-Bar. Guests can browse and purchase curated packages of activities, food, drinks, or other items to enhance their stay. While all functionality is centrally powered through an Apple TV and Monscierge adds the ability to operate hospitality apps, streaming entertainment, and device management.

Guests can ensure they have a great trip with curated packages, such as a movie night that includes food, snacks, and even a rental for a night-in or a swim excursion package with sunscreen, towels, and other gear. Packages with activities for kids, families, and health and wellness are also available.

Hotels benefit from the Virtual Mini-Bar by increasing their revenue and adding a personal touch to the guest experience that builds loyalty and brings guests back repeatedly.

Andrew Hale, VP, Design, said, "Apple TV provides the perfect medium for guests to complete their stay experience. Whether viewing curated recommendations, streaming a movie, or purchasing something from the Virtual Mini Bar, it builds the guest-property relationship."

The Virtual Mini-Bar is an add-on for all Apple TV for Hospitality customers and is available for use with any size property.

About Monscierge

Monscierge is a SaaS-powered communication platform built for the hospitality industry. Operating in over 50 countries across 26 different languages, Monscierge promises to improve guest-to-staff communication, enhance the guest experience, increase staff accountability, and enable new ways for the hospitality industry to reduce operating expenses.