My Resorts (formerly Uni-Vision Group) signs with HotelTime Solutions to revolutionize hospitality operations in South Africa

HotelTime Solutions expands into South Africa!

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My Resorts (formerly Uni-Vision Group), a leading hospitality chain with 1100 rooms across 15 properties, has begun its transformative journey by joining forces with HotelTime Solutions and its whole product suite – PMS, POS, SPA and MICE solutions. This strategic collaboration marks a new era of efficiency and innovation in the South African hospitality landscape.

At the core of this partnership lies HotelTime Solutions' systems, tailored to meet My Resorts' diverse needs. Despite varied sizes (both small lodges and big hotels) and operational complexities across their properties, HotelTime Solutions empowers My Resorts to streamline their operations effectively. 

With a unique situation where part of their capacity is owned and managed by private owners, My Resorts needed a solution that could seamlessly integrate owner bookings. Through HotelTime Solutions' API, My Resorts gains the capability to manage owner and other bookings effortlessly, ensuring no manual blocking or overwriting occurs. Furthermore, thanks to HotelTime Solutions My Resorts can have those capacities for sale for the rest of the year both on their website and booking engine (powered by Profitroom), and various OTAs such as and Expedia (handled by Siteminder). This automated solution promises enhanced revenue streams and maximizes occupancy rates, all while minimizing operational costs. 
"Our previous experience from similar projects helps us to manage the whole implementation process efficiently. The cooperation with Profitroom with whom we have a great partnership in the South African market, has helped us too. We are sure that we will have more amazing joint projects in the future.” explains Filip Kühnel, Commercial Director of HotelTime Solutions.
HotelTime Solutions doesn't stop at operational efficiency, thanks to additional applications and modules such as Vento QR and Libero SPA (spa and wellness module), My Resorts is able to offer their services effectively during the guest's stay. Moreover, with features to secure bookings pre-stay and drive revenue through gift certificate sales, HotelTime Solutions enriches My Resorts’ revenue streams and enhances guest experiences.

In addition, the headquarters enjoy central access to all applications across all their properties in South Africa from one location, and via tablets and mobile devices when on the move. HotelTime Solutions' BI API will seamlessly feed detailed data into My Resorts’ BI system, ensuring continuity, and enabling informed decision-making based on historical data. 

To ensure a smooth transition and optimal adoption of the platform, HotelTime Solutions provides a dedicated implementation manager and multiple on-site training sessions. 
As My Resorts and HotelTime Solutions unite forces, the South African hospitality industry can anticipate a new standard of excellence, efficiency, and innovation.


HotelTime offers state of the art, cloud-based solutions for hotels, restaurants, SPAs, and event management. HotelTime systems are currently running in more than 640 hotels and restaurants in 20 countries world-wide. With more than 22 years in the industry, HotelTime Solutions is a leading provider of innovative hospitality management solutions, empowering hotels, and chains worldwide to streamline operations, drive revenue, and enhance guest experiences. With a comprehensive suite of tools and a customer-centric approach, HotelTime Solutions is at the forefront of hospitality technology, enabling clients to thrive in a dynamic and competitive market landscape.

About My Resorts (Uni-Vision Group):
My Resorts is a hospitality chain with a strong presence across South Africa, offering exceptional accommodation experiences in a diverse portfolio of properties. With a diverse and ever-expanding portfolio that includes the on- and off-site management and administration of 20 holiday Resorts in South Africa, as well as in Kenya and Botswana. They havevr the experience, in-depth knowledge, insight, and proven track record required to ensure that these Resort holiday destinations thrive and continue to exceed guests' expectations.