Streamlining Operations with Task & Guest Requests in Eleanor

Elevating Operational Efficiency: Eleanor's Add-On Module for Enhanced Task Management

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Efficiently managing guest requests and the day-to-day tasks that arise for housekeeping, front office, engineering, and maintenance departments is crucial in any resort or hotel. A system that monitors and tracks these tasks and requests can help save time, money, and resources while elevating guest satisfaction.

Eleanor is pleased to announce to launch of its Task & Guest Request Module to streamline operations and enhance communication among staff members, guests, and management teams. By leveraging this add-on module within the Eleanor suite, hospitality professionals can optimise task assignment, tracking, and completion, boosting their operations’ overall efficiency and effectiveness.


One System 

Existing Eleanor users can benefit from the new module and provide access to users directly from the existing dashboard. There is no need for a separate application or software for managing tasks and guest requests – users have a single login and can complete the day-to-day requirements directly from Eleanor.


A Centralised Task Management System

The Task Module acts as a centralised hub, allowing different departments within a resort to manage their respective tasks effectively. Whether it is the front office, housekeeping, or engineering and maintenance, each department can have separate setups, enabling prompt and accurate task assignments based on individual requirements. Sub-departments can also be accommodated, further enhancing specialisation and efficiency in handling specific tasks, such as electrical, plumbing, or carpentry.

Notifications on task creation are sent to the relevant team members, with escalation limits and parameters able to be set to ensure the timely execution of the tasks.

A powerful reporting feature is bundled into the module to allow management to keep track of performance and ensure that response and execution times are within your KPIs.


Elevate your guest experience with Guest Requests

Common guest requests are a great way to help streamline operations and reduce the number of team members required to execute simple requests from your guests. Whether it be refilling a mini-bar, requesting more towels, or asking for laundry to be collected, Eleanor’s Guest Request feature allows these common tasks to be initiated directly from the resort’s mobile application.

Requests are customisable, with the initiation of a request automatically creating a task for the appropriate department, integrating seamlessly with the Tasks Module.

Guests are automatically updated with the progress of their requests as updates are applied by the team completing the task. This simple but significant feature is already proving invaluable to the flow of information to guests.


Integration with In-Stay Surveys

The Task & Guest Request module integrates effortlessly with Eleanor’s In Stay Survey module, allowing tasks to be created from individual survey feedback. This ensures that a complete overview of any service recovery related to In Stay Surveys is transparent, simple to keep track of, and measurable.

The Task Module in Eleanor empowers hospitality professionals to manage tasks effectively, streamline operations, and enhance guest satisfaction. With its user-friendly interface, seamless task assignment and tracking, real-time updates, and integration with the mobile resort application, the module extends the core capabilities of the Eleanor platform, offering even more operational tools within one single system. By embracing this innovative solution, resorts and hotels can elevate their operations, improve collaboration among staff members, and ultimately elevate their guest experience.


About Eleanor

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in the UK, Eleanor is a cutting-edge concierge platform born from 15 years of hands-on expertise in the hospitality industry. Our innovative solution empowers resorts to deliver unparalleled guest experiences at every stage of their journey. With contactless features enhancing safety and convenience, Eleanor streamlines operations, boosts revenue and fosters guest loyalty. Elevate your resort's potential with Eleanor's game-changing technology.

Eleanor is the best Concierge Software Runner-Up at the Hotel Tech Awards 2023 for the second year, reviewed as a preferred and reliable hotel software product by the global hotelier community — a reliable and preferred solution for hotels and resorts looking to improve their operations and guest satisfaction.