The Value of Reports And Analytics

If you want to stay relevant, challenge yourself to go further with data analytics.

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We are continuing the HKeeper Product Tour, the series of articles on HKeeper features. And today, we will consider our ’Reports’ module. So, let’s get started! 

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”. 

Peter Drucker

Drucker meant that you can't know whether or not you are managing property successfully unless you show numbers in your report.  In the hotel, business reporting is necessary that makes your workflow planed and easier in the long run.

With a clearly established metric, you can "measure" progress and adjust it to produce the desired outcome. But how to get clear and real metrics without a constant state of assumptions? Use HKeeper 'Report' module!

HKeeper lives in the here and now, that's why our ’Report’ module provides you with a complete 24/7 real-time information about your back-office efficiency in detailed reports from many angles: human resources and time cost, use of material resources, performed tasks scope, etc. 

With HKeeper you can:

Be able to access reports and data in real-time. Our reports generate based on first-hand information - from the performer's hands because they are working through a mobile application in digital form. Therefore, during and at the end of each employee’s task performance, all of the information automatically distributes to relevant reports. It allows to free up to 20% of executives' time as no need to collect and analyze the information. 

Have no more unnecessary operational costs caused by unexpected employees' overtime and task performance excessive time. Each hotel has time standards for room cleaning and they can be set in the HKeeper settings. Based on those settings HKeeper will notify you that performing task time exceeded. By tracking this issue you can work with employees and train them to do their job according to the standards.

Also, if an employee is close to the end of working hours and can't complete all assigned tasks within a regular 8 hours day, the system will notify you in advance. It allows a manager to redistribute tasks in order to prevent the employee’s working time from being overloaded and avoid additional costs associated with paying overtime. 

Manage hotel amenities and inventory. HKeeper eliminates needs for manual counting of warehouses balances and saves huge amounts of employee time.

The HKeeper reports, such as sent linen to the laundry, broken items, stained linen and etc.  are formin automatically and gives real-time access to the actual information. Also, HKeeper gives detailed reports of all transactions made during cleaning, maintenance, and other task performance. In other words, every item brought in and taken out of the room will be counted (including discarded items). Thus, build on the number of used, broken and other options, the report provides accurate data in real-time.

Understand and analyze negative trends for each department and each issue. Executives have daily figures of all hotel operations that can provide them an opportunity to manage, predict, and extract important trends, react and respond to enhance overall efficiency as well. For example, if AC repaired several times in the same room within one month, our reports would reveal it as a negative trend and highlighted it at the dashboard. In that way, it may help a manager to make a decision about the issue: to continue, repair or probably install a new one. 

For the sake of convenience, all reports can be produced at any period of time (daily, weekly, monthly or customary) and exported to Microsoft Excel, PDF directly from the system. So, there is no difficulty to make an annual report in minutes. 

What are you doing to improve your business objective?

Hotel is like a living organism changes permanently and having HKeeper as a tool to generate accurate reports is essential  

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