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Ranked #29 out of 49 in Revenue Management Systems

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HotelPartner Yield Management Overview

Top Alternative: IDeaS Revenue Solutions

HotelPartner Yield Management Overview

HotelPartner is an internationally based performance management company that was founded in 2006 to help hotels optimize their revenue management efforts. Offering an exclusive synergy out of first-class experts, technology, and know-how, HotelPartner will ensure you are getting the most value out of each room, while securing your long-term strategic goals. The aim is to drive partner success in ...

About HotelPartner Yield Management

Founded in 2006 | Headquarters in Hamburg Germany | 44 employees

Integrates with

  • Channel Managers
  • Property Management Systems
  • Booking Engine
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Expert Q&A and Partner Recommendations


What does this product or service do well?


HotelPartner is a great mix of man and machine being utilised to maximise revenue. The team at HotelPartner take time to understand the operations of a hotel in order to take full advantage of revenue opportunities.

by George Titlow (HotelTime) on April 03, 2020


What differentiates this product or service from the competition?


Whilst HotelPartner does certainly utilizes technology to automate Pricing - they also have a human element (Portfolio managers) that apply their vast knowledge and expertise to individual hotel markets. The perfect mix!

by George Titlow (HotelTime) on April 03, 2020


Based on your experience with this product or service, if you could give one piece of advice to a hotelier considering this product or service, what would it be?


When considering using this product ensure to weigh up the potential benefits (added revenue) when compared to price. Also weigh up costs of alternatives (e.g hiring a revenue manager). Ask about the difference between management of online vs offline bookings

by George Titlow (HotelTime) on April 03, 2020

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  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Price sensitivity modeling
  • Fully automated revenue management
  • "What-if" scenario analysis
  • Guided workflows
  • Group pricing & evaluation
  • Channel management
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Multi-property Management
  • Open API
  • Mobile App
  • Inventory Management
  • Open Pricing
  • Lost Business Data
  • Automated Room-Type Pricing
  • 365-Day Forward Pricing
  • Dynamic Price Hierarchy Control
  • Real-time price optimization
  • Alternate Property Reccomendations
  • Alternate Stay Date Recommendations
  • Five-Year Forecasting
  • Smart Spreading Technology
  • Financial Forecast Builder
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Single Sign-On
  • Enterprise Business Guidelines
  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • Future Market Demand Data
  • Price Explanation
  • Controlled Automation

Active Markets

  • North America
  • South America
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Europe

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There are not enough reviews of HotelPartner Yield Management for Hotel Tech Report to provide buying insight. Below are some alternatives with more reviews:

IDeaS Revenue Solutions

Minneapolis, MN
100 HT Score

Gamechanger by Duetto

San Francisco, California
100 HT Score


Gothenburg (Sweden)
94 HT Score


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