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World's most powerful channel manager, managing rooms and rates on 450+ hotel booking channels, in r...

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Ranked #1 out of 92 in Channel Managers

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  • Motel 70 verified reviews
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  • Hostel 45 verified reviews
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  • Vacation Rental 26 verified reviews
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SiteMinder (The Channel Manager) Overview

SiteMinder (The Channel Manager) Overview

The world’s most powerful and smart hotel channel manager, trusted by 32,000 large and small accommodation providers globally. Driving revenue and optimising distribution across the widest range of booking channels, while keeping it all in sync with over 350 PMSs and RMSs.

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Founded in 2006 | Headquarters in The Rocks Australia | 700 employees

Our hotel commerce platform helps hotels and accommodation providers to sell, market, manage and grow from one place - with everything they need to start, upgra...

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  • Hotel Bedbanks
  • Booking Engine
  • Central Reservations Systems
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Like 91% recommend

Sales Admin from Boutique in (Indonesia)

Keep parity rate loaded to channel, easy use & friendly user experience. The system is integrated with our PMS and our Booking engine.

Vacation Rental Manager from Vacation Rental in San Jose (United States)

- Clear and concise instructions - Good training menu - Menu tabs and options are simple to use - Instant channel updates

Hospitality Consultant from Boutique in Kjellerup (Denmark)

- Very simple system to work with - Integration to PMS system is also working great - Very good solution the way credit card is stored in the system - Easy and quick setup - Takes no time - Good support

Revenue Manager from Resort in Istanbul (Turkey)

SiteMinder is very easy to use and is the best at managing prices and allocations. Its also very easy change to all details possible.

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What does this product or service do well?


Siteminder works well with us a partner to provide connectivity to so many systems that we would not developer ourselves directly. Their service is good and responsive. It really saves us time in development.

by Brendan May (Hotel Res Bot) on December 15, 2021

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What differentiates this product or service from the competition?


Excellent Deeplinking and good integration capabilities. Wide breadth of connectivities make it easy to connect to nearly any PSM. This is a great benefit for us since it means we only have to implement on interface and do not have to develop to each PMS.

by Brendan May (Hotel Res Bot) on December 15, 2021

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Based on your experience with this product or service, if you could give one piece of advice to a hotelier considering this product or service, what would it be?


There is one simple way to evaluate a channel manager. Simply check that they support the channels and the PMS integration you need. Note: that some partners (especially tour operators) do not integrate and will simply send an email.

by Brendan May (Hotel Res Bot) on December 15, 2021

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  • PMS connectivity
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Inventory Management
  • 2-way real time integrations
  • Unlimited Channels (no additional cost)
  • Multi-lingual
  • Virtual Properties
  • Centralized user & role management
  • Bulk Updating
  • Channel Self-Mapping
  • Derived Rates
  • Yield Rules

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After a competitive review of the world’s leading channel management systems, we chose SiteMinder’s Channel Manager as the product that could provide us with an unmatched competitive edge. It is b...
Bernd Mauritz Revenue Systems & Project Manager at the GCH Hotel Group
Testimonial avatar
The power SiteMinder’s Channel Manager gives to us to access both local and global markets is unsurpassed, and it’s the reason it is the leader in the market today. Supported by the company’s lo...
Max Herbst Head of Revenue Management at the DORMERO Hotels

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