How Gambino Hotels streamlined front-desk operations and elevated guest experience

Verified case study Hotel Tech Report has reached out to hoteliers at Gambino Hotels to verify this case study.
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Gambino Hotel was trying to find a way to work smarter and more professionally, ultimately making it easier for their team. After they implemented Bookboost’s Multi-Channel CRM, they were able to streamline front desk operations and personalise their communications while still saving time. Now, the team can use their time more efficiently and focus on interacting with guests.
Why it matters: A highly motivated hotel team is the key to ensuring guest satisfaction. Gambino Hotel is a perfect example of how to optimise your team’s time by automating repetitive tasks and improving employee satisfaction.
  • First, they used a chatbot to automate answers, allowing the team to focus on more complex guest requests. What’s more, they are using Bookboost Unified Inbox as the main system for communications so employees no longer need to spend a huge amount of time juggling between different devices. Second, they added new touchpoints to make the guest experience more special. They added a new message for guests after check-in, a smooth way of making sure everything in their stay is going as expected. Lastly, they utilised multi-channel communication and segmentation for faster interactions. To give every guest interaction a personal touch, they segmented their guests based on their preferences and loyalty.

Top 3 Core Objectives: The main challenge for the team at Gambino Hotels was to handle all guest communications in good timing and being as efficient as possible and personalise the experience for each guests.
  • Effectively Handle Communications: They wanted to simplify their process and make it easier for the team, so employees no longer need to switch between a computer, an iPhone and a traditional telephone to keep up with the guest messages from different platforms.

  • Personalise the Guest Experience: They wanted to make the experience more unique for their guests, therefore, they added communication touchpoints that not many hotels have in their guest journey, increasing satisfaction.

  • Utilise Multi-channel Communication: They were looking to send tailored campaigns and messages to different groups at different channels, instead of just emails, aiming to increase their open and conversion rate.

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Gambino Hotels
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Carsten Werblow
Hotel Tech Report reached out to Carsten Werblow who verified this case study.

Head of Operations

Gambino Hotels

""The best thing is when employees have fun. My job as a manager is first to make the employees happy. And if that works, and we are using a system that works, it will have a positive impact on guests too. The reception desk is very happy to work with Bookboost.""

Carsten Werblow

Head of Operations

👍 Head of Operations Carsten Werblow said that The team is very happy with Bookboost:
  • ""The best thing is when employees have fun. My job as a manager is first to make the employees happy. And if that works, and we are using a system that works, it will have a positive impact on guests too. The reception desk is very happy to work with Bookboost.""

⚖️ The selection process: During their research process, Carsten Werblow evaluated Bookboost AB's product differentiators, customer support, and holistic value as a strategic partner and ultimately decided that Bookboost AB was the best fit solution:
  • Head of Operations Carsten Werblow said, about their decision: "The team answer things really fast now and can even have fun with it. Bookboost has become a regular part of their work."

📈 The results: By implementing the Bookboost, the team can use their time more efficiently and increase guest satisfaction using personalised and multi-channel communication, sending the right message on the right channel to the right guest.
  • Reduced workload and higher employee satisfaction: The team is now working smarter and more professionally. All the messages from different platforms go into Bookboost’s Unified Inbox and using quick responses, the response time has lowered considerably. As a result, the staff has more time to interact with guests and provide a personalised experience.

  • Easier and more targeted communication: Besides emails, campaigns and messages are being sent from different channels. This makes communication and interaction faster and more engaging. Traditional emails may feel overwhelming to write in large quantities, but using WhatsApp feels more like sending messages to friends. And employees also find it enjoyable.

  • Enhanced guest satisfaction: Guests obtain faster answers whenever they reach out to Gambino Hotels through any of their channels. In addition, they can now receive more meaningful messages that cater directly to their needs instead of being bombarded with unnecessary information. They can also choose to communicate with the hotel via WhatsApp and receive every communication there instead of being forced to use email, which also leads to higher satisfaction.

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